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March 11, 2021

Reasons to take a Social Media Detox

“Be a little more you, & a little less them”
This past weekend we took a wonderful Staycation celebrating my birthday 🥳. You can check out all the Reasons to Take a Stay-Cation HERE. I personally used this time to re-focus my work passion (which meant, taking photos of everything).

Social media can be so draining. I often get sucked into the comparison game. One of my followers commented on my post last week:

"Especially with how the world has been lately, I had to come off social media for a good month to somewhat get me out of that depressed state of mind".

I can relate so much with these words! After a year of Lockdown, pandemic life in New York I truly feel Social Media was both an escape and a curse. It sort of keeps you in this virtual world of ciaos. While it gives us a way to connect it can also take us from living in real life. I think my screen time intake has been OVERLOADED!

After a nice long four day stay-cation/retreat these are my thoughts I came back with:

1. Conserve your resources, otherwise you will burn out
2. You can’t pour from an empty cup
3. Be patient through the dry spells
4. Go off screen & live IN REAL LIFE
5. Be YOU - no one else can do that!
6. Stay sharp!
How do you stay passionate in achieving your goals?
Do you write a list of goals you want to reach? Maybe with a timeframe?
If not, highly recommend doing so, it helps!


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