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May 1, 2019

Pork Tenderloin with a Mushroom Cream Sauce

 I have been so lucky to have a billet son who loves to cook. Sometimes my kitchen is a mess but the smells that come out of it lately would send anyone running to have a seat at our dinner table! This week he taught me how to create this delightful sauce to my Pork Tenderloin recipe
It is so delicious I hope you all try it out for yourself!!
What you will need:
1 Pork Loin
2 TBS Garlic salt
2 Garlic cloves minced
1 TBS. Parsley
1 TBS ginger Salt mix ( we bought this at Wegmans)
3 TBS Soft butter for Pork loin
3TBS soft butter for Mushroom Sauce
1 TBS Rosemary 

Glaze Ingredients:
Heavy Cream (I used a 1/2 quart)
dash of salt to taste Salt
1 tsp pepper (yes, you need to use a lot of pepper)
Mix the ingredients for the Pork Tenderloin together and create a paste. 
  Cover the tenderloin with the paste and add it to a oven pan.
Bake your Pork Tenderloin at 375 for around and hour or until it is fully cooked!
Once that is baking it is time to create the sauce. Slice your mushrooms, add the 3 TBS of butter to your skillet. Turn on low heat and let them simmer. After 10 minutes add the heavy cream and stir occasionally. We learned that if you cover it the sauce will bubble over the pan so keep it uncovered.
 This sauce creates the perfect balance to any Pork Tenderloin!!
What do you put on your Pork Tenderloin???
Let us know if you try this recipe out!!

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