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April 23, 2019

Mallary Hope’s debut album Out Of My Hands Review

Excited to be working with Mallary Hope to spread the word about her new debut album "Out Of My Hands". She has been making music since I was nine years old!! Her passion, faith and positive outlook on life resonates through her songs. Everything about these songs have me feeling connected and upbeat in one manner or another. Sometimes it is just the ideal that " you are not alone" in this world that make you feel good! 
I grew up on Christian music from artists like Rebecca St. James, Sonicflood and DJ Talk. As I have gotten older I have passed my love of the genre to my son. Finding great artists is vital to fuel this passion. I hope you enjoy her album as much as we have, it comes out April 26th, 2019!!
This is a collaboration post, I was not required to write a positive review. 
The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.
Mallary Hope’s debut album “Out Of My Hands” Track list:
1. You Will Make A Way 
2. Looking Back At Me 
3. 3:16 (No Greater Love) 
4. Pray With You 
5. Walking With The Light 
6. Me 
7. Out Of My Hands 
8. Lay It Down 
9. Love More 
10. Home To The Water 
11. Now 
12. My Love 
13. My God 
14. Yours 
15. Saving Me 
16. Lay It Down (Acoustic) 
17. My God (Radio Version)

My personal favorites are "Me" and "Lay it down".
Have you ever felt labels people have put on you or you’ve been judged for being who you truly are? Maybe you are fighting to not let your past define your future or you are just struggling to love yourself?? The song "Me" has the message of “It’s Ok To Be Me” and I love that!! We all struggle but with grace, faith and forgiveness we can move forward. Listening to this type of inspirational music is not only calming but puts you in the right frame of mind!
The other song that really resonates with me is "Lay it down". I carry so much of my past and present in my every day life. I worry, house regrets and just overall feel so alone at times. This song remind me "you are not alone" and to cast our troubles to Jesus for strength and guidance. 
"'Me' is a special reminder, even for myself, that I don’t have to change who I am or conform to the world to fit in. I am loved and am enough just the way I am. It’s easy to forget the beauty God created us for. I want this song to remind people of that beauty and to feel encouraged that ‘it’s okay to be me.’" - Mallary Hope 
What songs are you excited to listen to??
REMEMBER her album comes out April 26th, 2019!! 
Check it out here.


  1. Looking forward to listening to this, I love christian music but I'm pretty picky over it!

  2. This looks interesting. I'll have to check it out.


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