Sunday, November 4, 2018

Tips for Using CBD Oil with Your Pets

If you have been thinking about using CBD oil for your dog, you’re in luck. It’s not uncommon to useCBD oil for your dog or even to give CBD pet treats to your animals.

However, unfortunately, most pets are not a fan of the taste of CBD Oil. This can make administering the oil quite tricky. Not to fret, there are some easy ways to introduce your furry friend to the flavor.

These tips will help you make sure your pet is able to swallow their soon to be, new best friend, a little easier, as well as other things that you need to keep in mind when using Cannabis oil on your beloved pet.

Always use a small amount first
Just like anything else in life, you don’t want to go full force, when doing CBD oil for dogs. You should always try a small amount first. This is a great way to be cautious of any side effects, as well as a smart way to gradually introduce your pet to the new flavor.

Use the Correct Dosage
Once you have given a small amount of CBD oil for your dog and they have not suffered any ill reactions, you can then up the dose to the proper amount. Obviously using the proper dose will give your pet more relief, but you do not want to give more than is necessary. Dosing is generally based upon your pet’s size, as well as other ailment(s) that he or she may suffer from.

Use 100% CBD Oil
People are frequently finding ways to cut corners, in order to make bigger profits. The CBD oil market is no exception. You don’t want to use CBD oil on your dogs that isn’t 100% pure, so be sure to read the labeling carefully. Using CBD oil that is not pure could cause a number of issues, if it is not from a reliable source, nor will it perform as it should.

Keep an eye on your pet
Anytime you give your pet something like, CBD oil for dogs, you should keep an eye on them the first couple of days. The same goes for CBD dog treats that you give your dog or cat, always keep an eye on your pet. You will most likely just notice your pet being extra drowsy, however every animal is different. Most have noticed that the higher the dosage, the more drowsy their pet becomes.

 Be Aware of Interference With Other Drugs
If your sweet furball takes any other medications you may be concerned about whether or not CBD oil will interfere with them. The answer in short, is yes, it can interact with some medications, particularly those like steroids, antihistamines, some antibiotics and NSAIDS, to name a few. These are all drugs that are metabolized by cytochrome P450 enzymes.
Tips for Administering CBD oil
Use a Dropper. Larger doses are best administered with a simple dropper that generally comes with the bottle. The best place to squeeze the CBD oil for dogs onto, is right underneath your pet’s tongue. We all know this is easier said than done. Don’t worry if you can’t get it under the tongue. If it ends up in your pet’s cheeks, just massage the outside of their cheeks, if your pet will allow you.

Apply CBD oil to a Smelly Treat
The smell of CBD oil is often times another turn off for your pet. A great trick to prevent your dog from turning it’s nose is to use your pet’s smelliest, favorite treat. Simply flip it over and drop the oil onto the underside of the treat. Then flip the treat back over again before giving it to your pet, allowing them to get a strong whiff of their treat, not the oil. Chances are once they smell their treat, they will not think twice before gulping it down whole.

Mix CBD Oil for Dogs Into Food
Another trick to hide the oil is to mix it into food. You can mix it into treats like peanut butter, or even your pet’s bowl of food. Just remember to slowly introduce the oil to your pet should you choose this route. Using a whole dosage will be incredibly obvious to your pet, and they may refuse it completely. But slowly introducing small amounts of the oil at first can make a world of difference.

Don’t Give Up
Some tastes can just never be acquired. If you have a particularly difficult pet who just will not go near the CBD oil, look into treats that already have CBD oil mixed into them. They are made particularly for picky eaters. However the amount of CBD oil in each treat can be slightly different, so make sure to follow the dosage directions carefully, to avoid your dog ingesting too much.

CBD oil for dogs or using CBD pet treats is a great way to help them feel better. I’d love to hear if you have used any of these products on your pet and what you thought. 

What tips would you add?

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