Sunday, November 4, 2018

Spread Holiday Cheer by Gifting them some CBD Candy

Many of you may know my son suffers from not being able to process high concentrations of sugar. Having said that we don't keep a ton of candy in our home! During the Holidays though, I find myself craving Candy. I actually had someone the other day ask us if we like candy. YES! Please don't think just because my son has an intolerance we have it too. Are you kidding?? When I was a kid my great Grandma had candy dishes in like every room of her house!
Not to mention candy can be a great gift to give others (hint, HINT)! I mean let's be frank for minute here, what are you REALLY hoping to get this Christmas?? I think once you hit a certain "age" gifts start becoming less "fun" and more shall we say "practical". Yeah, hit the snooze button on adult life! I can remember not being able to wait for Friday nights to go out dancing with my friends. Now, half the people in my life could not picture ME anywhere near a bar let alone dancing in one. Parenting life certainly has tamed this Mom of one!

We all know that being a parent is a full-time job! Maybe you don't KNOW but I am here to tell you it truly is. If you are a  parent you have probably felt unappreciated, taken advantage of, stressed out and or a bit stressed at times. Maybe I should start taking CBD Turmeric Oil Capsules people keep recommending. I hear they are calming and could help with my stress management. At this point anything to mellow out my temperaments would be an improvement. Not because I fly off the handle (maybe I do from time to time) but I do have a lot on my plate.

From the moment my son was born I vowed to do things the "right" way. I researched how-to care for babies, toddlers up until early childhood. I went to classes, asked friends and then I actually HAD my son. Nothing quite prepares you for parenthood until you actually do it. There is no "magical" formula but rather your motherly instinct which is found from examples you have seen, experience you have had and readings you instilled. I have always been a mix of a helicopter parent (worrying about my sons every waking move) to free range go have fun and enjoy life! He keeps me pretty busy and lately it feels like there is not enough hours in the day!

Which brings me back to another conversation I had just the other day. Why am I so tired? My days consist of running my son to and from school because we do not have school buses. Grocery shopping, paying bills, attending up-teen million doctor appointments because as you get older things just fall apart. Take my mother to and from her doctor apartments. Add to that cooking from scratch breakfast, lunch and dinner for my family and surrounding friends/family. In a nut shell I spend my days serving my family, my night studying, working and playing laundry catch up. Often times I forget to eat lunch, forget my allergy medicine and forget the list I made for the grocery store. Not to mention I run a successful business (on my own) which sends me traveling all around the world at the drop of a hat. 

I see other parents and how they parent and suddenly I have became the expert. I know now, what should or shouldn't be done. I see children unhappy, unloved and I just give my son more. I want my son to be a leader, a follower, team mate and most of all confident! I want him t be a respectful member of the community who has learned life experiences in his youth that will prepare him for adulthood. If technology didn't exist how would your child fare in the world without you? Do I want my son to grow up unequipped to do things on his own or do I want to do everything for him? I know adults who are 27-30 years old unable to do their own laundry, balance their bank accounts or cook for themselves. 
What I really want to say is: Let's make sure to appreciate those powerhouse role models (with a little CBD edibles Candy by Medsbiotech, perhaps) in our lives who somehow manage to get it ALL done! For all the worry warts out there concerned about our children's hygiene, scraps, BO-boo's, emotions, schooling, what they are eating, education, what they wear, how they speak to others, the list is endless. Cheers to you! You are doing it, you are AWESOME and YOU are appreciated!

What can yo get the over worked under appreciated people on your Christmas list?? Spread Holiday Cheer by Gifting them some CBD Candy!

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