Sunday, November 4, 2018

Get your Dry Winter Skin Ready for Holidays with Hemp Skin Care Products

Winter time is the most crucial time I believe for your skin and how you treat it. The harsh snow that falls here in New York immediately dries my skin right out. Not to mention the extremely low temperatures that average in the negatives. 

What Does The Winter Weather Do to Your Skin Exactly?? 

Winter weather strips your skin of moisture and of its natural, moisturizing oils. As soon as you turn the heat on, it draws moisture from the air, leaving your home dryer, which pulls moisture out of your skin. If untreated, the skin may eventually form hard areas like calluses, or crack and open into unsightly wounds that increase your risk of infection. Hot showers and baths further rob the skin of natural moisture and oils, while harsh winds and the frequent washing and drying that comes with flu season leave skin even dryer and more unprotected. As the skin loses its moisture, the outer layer begins to feel dry, itchy, and tight. 

The worst part of the Winter weather, I feel is the breakouts on my skin. Since before I can remember, I have had acne. Oh, the middle school years were filled with jokes about my less than perfect skin. I can remember being called "Rudolph" because my nose caught the worst cases of my acne breakouts! I think back to all of the adults who tried to soothe my broken self-esteem by saying I would grow out of it. Nope, never "grew" out of it! I NOW suffer from having adult acne. You know the visual reminder of all the daily stresses of life you walk around with cast right across your face! Which can happen due to stress or hormones (I know). I also have visible freckles and dark spots especially featured on my forehead. Acne happens to the best of us. I have changed my facial regimen over the years but my skin never stays clear for long.
As someone who reviews and tries many types of skin care including all different types of serums ranging from anti-aging to skin clearing and so on, what can become very frustrating is having to remember which to use for one specific purpose. 
"Unique skin requires unique products"<--Could not agree more with that statement. Whether it's cold and dry or hot and humid, an area's climate can really affect the skin all over your body, causing everything from acne breakouts to itchy dry patches. Extremes in weather -- both hot and cold -- can exacerbate some existing skin conditions or even cause new ones. 
So I decided to try some Anti aging hemp cream

This particular Hemp oil has a light fragrant scent that ultra moisturizes your skin providing deep skin hydration using pure hemp oil and natural botanicals.

Now, I am not a dermatologist/doctor so please keep in mind these are my opinions and experiences with these products. Everyone has unique skin so what works for me might not for you and vise versa!
My personal regimen consists of moisturizers to help aid my combination skin. I suffer from both oily and dry patches. This is why many of the "all-in-one" products do not work on my particular skin. At night, they recommended I have a hydrating moisturizer. The same old moisturizer you use the rest of the year may not cut it during cold and dry months. I have been using the Diamond Hemp Moisturizers for this purpose. These products are very easy to apply. They are luxuriously smooth feeling on your skin! Because they are made with organic antioxidants and pure hemp oil, you get the benefits of a healthy youthful glow while fighting the appearance of fine lines and those nasty wrinkles we all hate. Nothing felt tingly or have a stinging sensation as some products do. They glide on easily and will work into your skin without leaving any excess residues.
Throughout the winter months, many people find their skin to be rough, red, tightened, cracked or peeling because of dryness. To treat a mild case of dry skin at home, avoid taking long, hot showers, and apply a moisturizer daily. Colder climates can be tough on your skin. Cold temperatures often mean low humidity, which dries out skin. Have you noticed a change in your skin with the changing of the Weather? I would love to hear what treatments have you tried? Have they worked?? 

 ***After a few weeks of trying this product line I have to say I have had no serious breakouts. noticed a vast improvement in my skin's clarity and also in clearing my skin faster. I can easily take a selfie without having to "filter" out any blemishes. For me, persoanlly, that is an accomplishment!

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