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April 19, 2018

How to effectively Brand & Market your Blog

Enjoy these tips in collaboration with Profisee MDM.
Today I want to talk about behind the scenes of blogging. Let's start with branding and marketing first because that is a large part of the blogging industry. 

1. Decide whether you are a hobby blogger or a business.
At first my blog was a hobby because I was a stay at home Mom. When my son grew up and went off to school I decided to take the plunge and make it a career. ‘But, just because you decide something does not mean it will happen! It takes WORK!
2. If you decide you want a career remember it IS work. 
I work more now than I ever have in my life. My corporate job pales in comparison to the amount of hours I log now. I also have more rewards! I can travel with my entire family and experience new things before they are open to the public. I also can give back to our community shelters, soup kitchen and schools because of the wonderful sponsors I work with. 

3. If you decide to blog, as a business, you need to brand yourself. 
This is so important because it sets you apart from other bloggers. It let's everyone know what you have to offer them and why they should read YOU! 
4. Never let anyone tell you, you have to fit in a box! 
I have been told, only write one topic focus on ONE niche. My brain does not work like that. Bloggers used to tell me I could not achieve something but I knew I could and went after it anyway. 
5. Create a list of goals. 
Write an obtainable goal list and then write a ‘crazy off the wall I hope this happens in a million years’ list. I find I reach the crazy one’s first! 
6. Once you have found out what you will write, and your personal style, Market, market, MARKET! 
Let people know about you and your blog. If I could go back and redo this step it would have saved me hours of headaches! I started my blog first and then never started social media sites to market. My blog grew but my media sites were no where because I had not started them yet. 
7. Learn from your mistakes.
This may be my last tip but it is just as important as the rest! Learn, ask questions and be willing to take productive criticisms. Also be able to here "NO", from companies, bloggers well everyone. No, does not mean never just not right now.
If you are looking for more resources check out, Profisee MDM. They have over 30+ Best Master Data Management Tools!!


  1. Great tips! I agree; if someone starts a business blog, it should be treated as business. A lot of people treat it like a hobby and soon enough drop it all together.

  2. These are great tips. A lot of work goes into blogging. I enjoy every bit of it. I am doing something I love, writing and photography!

  3. I would love to be able to be a blogger full time but I am a new blog and the blog I had 3 years before this one was only a hobby. I'd really like to turn this one into something. I'm a new follower, it's nice to meet you.

  4. Great post about blogging, love it !
    I totally agree on everything,moreover on the last point.
    It is important to never give up, be open to learn and always pointing the objective, no metter how crazy or difficult it looks .

  5. It really IS work! Great post! xo

  6. Excellent tips! All are noted! I agree that it is important to treat your work as official business!

  7. Great tips! I've done a few posts like this! It helps to hear feedback from fellow bloggers about how they learned along the way!


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