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May 22, 2017

Things I love about Watkins Glen

 The Watkins Glen State park is open and I am ready to go back and visit! It it so hard to believe just last year I discovered this little gem tucked in the heart of the Finger lake Wine Country. When I now talk to people about the area, they have visited or heard of it. I wish I had only know sooner how incredible this area was! Now, I can visit frequently and tell all my friends about it including YOU! 
 In this day and age I feel like we look at photos on or cellular devices and that is the extent of our "travels". I do it trust me! I have a few seconds to spare or take a break and there I am eyeing up the amazing travel photos on Instagram.

Something about seeing the Watkins Glen State Park in person though really resonates with your soul. 
 I mean seriously just taking a hike around these land formations and waterfalls de-stress me instantaneously!
If you really are not into hiking and all that jazz take a Schooner ride.
 Enjoying the Lake is such a huge part of Watkins Glen. I mean it is surrounded by water, waterfalls why not take a nice little cruise?
Spending some time conversing with fellow patrons and sipping wine (or water). 
Racing has a huge hold on this area. From NASCAR to derby cars you can spot fancy, antiques hot rods just about everywhere. That is how my Mom first came to know the area since she is an avid NASCAR fan. I would be so amiss not to mention that because everyone is bound to have a car fan in the family.
 Watkins Glen is so friendly to all types of people. I can relax with my spouse and hit the wine trails or explore waterfalls with my seven year old. Each visit is different and we see more and more great places. We learned about this little Waterfall gem from the Watkins Glen Chamber downtown. They have so many great leaflets I seriously stock up when I go in there!
 Did I mention the views? It really is hard to get a bad shot of this area. From waterfalls, vineyards to lakeside and beach front. There is seriously breathtaking views at every turn.
My last reason I love this area so much and keep coming back the accommodations. We can enjoy a newly remodeled Cabin in the woods, to roughing it at a campground or stay in the Fancy Harbor Hotel. After a full day of exploring, wine tasting or racing you can just relax!
Have you ever traveled to the area? What are some of YOUR favorite places to visit? Let us know in the comments we love finding new places to explore.


  1. Adding to my bucket list - looks like such a serene little place!

    Coming Up Roses

  2. Havana Glen Park and the village of Montour Falls! Or... anywhere! It's all beautiful!


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