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Friday, January 13, 2017

Spring Clean with GreenBuyBack

 Now that the Holidays are finally over I have started to sort though stuff. Spring Cleaning is just around the corner and instead of waiting until the last minute I decided to get a head start. I would much rather use this time to make money, when snow and sub zero temperatures outside then give in to cabin fever! I found some great ways to help get rid of my electronics just laying around. Let me introduce you to GreenBuyBack!
“This is a sponsored post brought to you by Greenbuyback. All opinions are my own.”

 They buy back unused technology from consumers (like you and I). Someone you love get you some new electronics over the Holidays? Don't just let the old devices go to waste get some money back! You can sell iphones, ipads, apple watches, fitbit ane more. They also offer FREE shipping which personally I enjoy because let's face it shipping can be expensive for those heavy pieces of equipment which can drive up the postage price! Simply head over to their site www.greenbuyback.com and search what you would like to get rid of. Now there is no harm in looking up prices they are willing to offer you! 
I just received a new Ipad pro over the Holiday season and wanted to take a look at how much it would fetch. As you can see above I simply answered the question, size, memory capacity and version and VOLA! They gave me an offer price. Now, I won't be selling the tablet I just got over the Holidays but I wanted to show you how easy the steps were. I WILL be shipping out several of our old phones that we no longer use along with a scrapped up ipod we have. It doesn't seem like much but $25 for a slightly imperfect ipod that has been sitting in my "junk drawer" for months (maybe years) is pretty good!


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