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January 20, 2017

20 Winter Activities with Kids

 The Winter time is a mixture of Lake effect weather, Snow days and Festive Holidays. We try really hard to enjoy the snowy tundra of Western New York as much as possible. Sometimes it is not always easy when Mother Nature dumps feet of snow daily on us! I have compiled a great list of FUN activities you can do with your family over the Winter months.
1. Donate your time to local shelter, food pantry or Humane Society. We often give out Care packages at our local soup kitchen and each year brings more rewarding experiences!
2. Paint Snow-inside. My son LOVES this craft on Snow days!! 
3. Print out Coloring pages, word mazes or cross word puzzles just search on Pinterest for some!

 5. Create Snow dough. I LOVE making this and easy to clean up!
6. Bake cut out cookies
7. Play card games (We enjoy Spot it, SkipBo and Brain Quest)
 8. Get outside and enjoy the snow! Sled down hills
9. Build a Snowman
10. Create snow furniture or a tunnel!
 11. Go skiing, snow tubing or just ride the fun Ski lift
12. Make Bird feeders by recycling household items
13. Travel somewhere warm. We tend to take vacation around Winter break to a warm cozy weathered place.
 14. Take a Winter horse drawn Sleigh ride
15. Play a winter scavenger hunt
16. Create Homemade ornaments or hand prints (great gift idea!)
18. Build a blanket fort and watch TV
19. Freeze a toy and have them chip it out
20. Our personal favorite go ice skating!
Hope you enjoyed these Winter ideas. 
Have a favorite we did not mention?
List them below!!


  1. I love all these ideas... We didn't have much snow this winter in NY yet, but playing in the snow is definitely something we love to do. btw, I have never icy skate and it's something on my bucket list for this year. Thank you so much for sharing with us @ #alittlebitofeverything

  2. great ideas and several we want to try this winter. We have not had a lot of snow but there is still hope
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