Friday, November 4, 2016

Drink your Way through the Finger Lakes

View from Dr. Konstantin Frank Vinifera Wine Cellars
The Fall season has officially moved into the Western New York areas. The leaves have started to turn colors and brighten hillsides creating a picturesque landscape. What a great time to enjoy some Wine trails throughout the Finger Lakes! There are many ways to enjoy the trails, such as bus tours, water taxi and more. I had the pleasure of doing just this with some lovely and talented ladies recently. Enjoy how we drank our way through the Finger Lakes.

Pleasant Valley Wine Cellar (Historic Tour)

I happen to be one of several people who enjoy wine. I love to entertain with wine, cook with it and just overall enjoy finding new one’s to consume! While visiting the Finger Lakes many wineries, breweries, distilling companies offer tours. What a great way to learn some Historic information while enjoying new beverages. I truly think experiencing from vine to wines help ed the overall tasting experience. Not to mention I learn a lot about what I personally enjoy (semi-sweet, no preference on color).

Heron Hill Winery Tasting

Having a group also enhanced our experience. We enjoyed having a designated driver whisk us to different locations around the lakes. I brought along some water and crackers to help between stops. Tasting can really hit you hard, so I like to be prepared! I also hear it helps cleanse one’s palate! We also planned regular stops for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Finger Lakes have over 200 wineries, breweries and distilling companies to experience! Hands down my favorite wine of all time is STILL called “Season” from the Bully Hill Vineyards. This opinion might change in time but I doubt it.

Grist Iron Brewing Sampler

Speaking of Breweries, do you also enjoy beer? I am a light beer loving kind of girl myself! We also wanted to experience different beverages besides Wine. I personally loved our visit to the Brewery of Broken Dreams ( also love the Company name). The story of how they came to the area was so interesting! Seriously, take the time to stop in ask to hear the story, while sipping on “To Bee or not Too Bee”! Since we did visit a few breweries I also wanted to take some time and mention the fantastic Pumpkin Ale pictured above. Yes, that is brown sugar around the rim!! After a full day of activities in Watkins Glen, we stayed at the Grist Iron lodge. You can literally walk to the brewery, just grab a growler and go!

Keuka Lake Water Taxi

I mentioned there are so many ways to drink your way through the Finger Lakes. I found the water taxi/boat tours to be practical and so much fun! Want to explore Keuka Lake? Just hop on and head to many of the area attractions. We even enjoyed a water taxi ride to dinner. I recommend the Snug Harbor Chicken and Waffles!

Featured seating in the movie High Society aboard the True Love Schooner

Not a huge fan of the wine trail but want to enjoy the area? Take a ride on the “True Love” Schooner. It was featured in the movie High Society starring Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly and Louis Armstrong. Drifting away from the Seneca Lake harbor while sipping vino and enjoying the vineyard water front banks. What a great way to spend an hour or day!

View from Finger Lakes Distilling

More of a Vodka, Whiskey and Liquor drinker? Enjoy the Finger Lakes Distilling Company. They have a wonderful property setting on the vineyard hillside over looking Seneca Lake. We took a tour and some tasting of the different stages in creating flavored drinks we all enjoy. WOW, after that tour I wanted to become a bona-fied taste tester for hire!

GRAFT wine + Cider Bar

I know not everyone drinks alcoholic beverages. Honestly after a few days of enjoying the many breweries and wineries I was there with you! Luckily, the area also houses several local beverage companies to enjoy. The Ithaca Root beer helped me break the GRAFT stone stacking record! No idea what I am talking about “Google” it! I also would recommend getting your hands on the Foxon Park Cream soda ( I found mine at Old World Cafe in Corning). The area is filled with local companies supporting one another. Take a day or weekend and enjoy some.
So many great places to stop, experience and list. If you are coming to the area stop into the tourism and chamber of commerce buildings. We worked with the Mark Twain Country, Watkins Glen and Corning areas. They have so many great brochures and really helped us plan our trip!

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  1. Looks like you had a great time in the Finger Lakes - and how nice to go with friends and enjoy drinks. I'm more of a vodka kinda girl personally - I like the odd glass of wine too. The schooner looked like great fun!


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