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October 26, 2016

DIY Halloween Candle

We LOVE Halloween. Both handing out candy and decorating fun Fall and Pumpkin decor. Today I want to share these easy to create, DIY Halloween Candle holders.
What you will need:
 1 Liter plastic Bottle
Glue gun
Halloween scene ( we used decorations from Dollar Tree)
Ribbon or Pipe cleaners to wrap around the holder
Candles ( we used Blood wax drip candles)
Cut the top of the bottle to create the holder part. Make sure it will slide over top of your Halloween decorations. Then trace the cardboard around. I also colored mine black to create a creepy vibe.
I then Hot glued the Halloween decorations to the cardboard.

We found some fun packing material and also glued that down for the ground cover. Once you have secured all of your decorations slide the plastic bottle over top.
I hot glued it into place and then placed pipe cleaners to cover the glue. I then cut left over plastic bottle to create a fringe top. You can see this in details in my DIY tutorial Video HERE.
I also hot glued that into place and covered the glue with more pipe cleaners. 
After it was ready I hot glued some bats and spiders on the outside.
The bottle cap area fits candles with out any modifications. 
These are so easy to create and a fun way to decorate for Halloween!


  1. So I clicked on your link to stumble it, and when I read you were from WNY too had to stop and say hello! I live in DC now with my husband but am originally from Wilson. :)

    Sarah Jean


  2. This is such a good idea I will have to try it next year! Please come share with us at the Homesteader Hop https://www.floydfamilyhomestead.com/2016/11/02/the-homesteader-hop27/


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