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October 31, 2016

Winter Clothes for Growing Kids

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 The leaves are changing colors and Fall has officially rolled in. Time to break out my fuzzy warm sweaters and change my wardrobe over from Summer to Winter! The winter months in Western New York can be rather cold in our neck of the woods. We average temperatures in the negative reaching as low as 14 below zero! Having proper Winter gear is so essential. Since never know when snow fall will hit I like to be prepared now!

My son has out grown his Winter jacket and I have been on a hunt for a new one! Let me introduce you to Sierra Trading Post. 
Kids’ clothing can be expensive, but Sierra Trading Post offers big savings through closeouts, overstocked items, and products with minor blemishes or irregularities.
This is a sponsored post is written in conjunction with Sierra Trading Post.The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.
Together my son and I found his next Winter jacket. 
The Snow Dragon Pluto Ski Jacket- "provides out-of-this-world warmth and weather protection. Warm insulation keeps them toasty and oversized front pockets with two-way zips warm hands (from the Sierra Website)".

October 28, 2016

Flying over Chemung Valley #flxfall2016

"Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision." 
In my line of work fear and courage come into play often. They send you to try out a new roller coaster before anyone has ever done so, you do it. When I was asked to Plane glide approximately 4,000 feet above sea level never once did fear enter into my mind frame.
(Photo credit: Michelle Beiling)
Not many things send me into a panic or really scare me easily. I have more courage running through my bones then fear. We drove up the steep hill to reach Harris Hill park, where we would eventually take off from, fear still had not set in. The other ladies of the group were a bit concerned as we spotted our gliders being pulled out on the run way. They are not very large compared to the commerical planes we all flew in on.
The ASK-21 is a two-seat (one passenger, one pilot) glider with a close resemblance to a paper air plane. The unique design has been carefully crafted through the years and you can tell something life changing is about to happen. We all took turns getting acquainted with our pilots before stuffing ourselves into the wrap around canopy. I should take a moment and mention the weight limit is 245 pounds for a reason. Not to upset anyone but to help balance the weight between you and the pilot. Again compare it to a paper air plane, as you soar through the air you need to be balanced to help maneuver and give you the best spectacular views possible.
Here I am getting seat belted into the front canopy area. Not scared of what is about to happen. I just watched my friends go up in the air at all, how hard could it be? That is the thing about fear and courage they really go hand in hand don't they?

October 26, 2016

DIY Halloween Candle

We LOVE Halloween. Both handing out candy and decorating fun Fall and Pumpkin decor. Today I want to share these easy to create, DIY Halloween Candle holders.
What you will need:
 1 Liter plastic Bottle
Glue gun
Halloween scene ( we used decorations from Dollar Tree)
Ribbon or Pipe cleaners to wrap around the holder
Candles ( we used Blood wax drip candles)
Cut the top of the bottle to create the holder part. Make sure it will slide over top of your Halloween decorations. Then trace the cardboard around. I also colored mine black to create a creepy vibe.
I then Hot glued the Halloween decorations to the cardboard.

October 24, 2016

Recipe: Peach Rolls

We love a tasty dessert after dinner. Here is a super fabulous one that is so easy to make I feel almost guilty sharing!
What you will need:
1 Cinnamon Roll 
Sprinkles of Brown sugar
1 Peach 
1 can of peaches
Peach jam (we used a triple fruit one)
4 tbs butter
Melt butter and mix in brown sugar (You can use a microwave and save time). Add the jam and chopped peaches and canned diced peaches. Flatten out the cinnamon rolls on a cookie sheet and add mixture as shown above.
Roll rolls up and slice. Place the rolls in a baking pan and preheat oven to 350 or as directed on your roll container. Add the cinnamon roll frosting, 1 tbs of jam and some diced peaches into a bowl and whip. Set aside.

October 17, 2016

Let's throw an Adult Halloween Party

Are you ready for Halloween? It hands down is my favorite holiday to decorate and celebrate. I have always loved playing different characters and dressing up. Who does not enjoy a good costume party? 
We throw an annual party and it is such a hit I look forward to it almost as much as I enjoy Halloween itself because it is so much fun! This year like so many before we started planning and figuring out exactly we wanted from glass ware to activities.
"Halloween parties tend to conjure up thoughts of screaming kids, tacky shop bought decorations and sticky food packed full of sugar. Festive Lights have been hard at work creating Halloween party packs to make you rethink those old fashioned notions".
We enjoyed some adult couples costumes! Need some ides?? 
Get 50% Off 1 Item + Free Shipping at AdamandEve.com 
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Are ready to enjoy some scary fun with your friends?

October 7, 2016

Enjoy Kelleys Island , Ohio

 Traveling the world has been in my blood from a young age. I hear people refer to it as a travel bug you just never out grow or cure. Passing that onto my son has been so much fun because I experience new adventures but also experiences through his eyes. Together we can enjoy just about anything thrown our way on vacation! What if you are traveling to a new place you have never been? How do you find great things to see and do? I hope this is where I can be of assistance! We have compiled some great ways to experience Kelly's Island in Ohio. 
This post is in collaboration with LakeErie Shores&Islands. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.

October 5, 2016

25 Super Hero Shows on Netflix

 If you are anything like our family "Super Heroes" are kind of a BIG deal. From Marvel characters to Knights at the realm table we enjoy a good Hero flick on television. Luckily, for us Netflix is jam packed with Super Hero shows and movies to keep our "Fight Against Crime" addiction at bay. 
Enjoy some of our favorites!
1. Marvel Super Hero Adventures
2. Marvel LEGO Super Hero
3. Marvel Ultimate Spider-man
5. Power Rangers Dino Thunder
6. Dear Dracula
7. Dragon: Dawn of Dragon Riders
8. How to Train your Dragon Movie
9. Pirates of the Caribbean
10. Dragon Guardians
11. Dragons Race to the Edge
12. Daredevil
13. The FLASH
14. Star Wars The Clone Wars
15. Super Buddies
16. Transformers Prime
17. Jessie Jones
18. Arrow
19. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
20. Batman
21. Robin Hood movie
22. Iron Fist
23. Gotham 
24. The Incredible Hulk
25. Marvel Luke Cage 
From our family to yours catch the bad guys in style! 
Thank you for checking out this post, want to check out more shows on Netflix? Enjoy some of my other articles:

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October 3, 2016

Celebrate the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

 As a child I remember reading the Harry Potter series and then went to the theaters to see the films. I grew up with this series and when my five year old (now seven) first showed interest into the magical world of Harry I was ecstatic!  I desperately wanted to help encourage his reading and recreate the moments from the pages of J K. Rowling's books. With the new movie, Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them, we have been on a hunt for all things Harry Potter! "Luckily,You don’t have to travel all the way to Diagon Alley or push your way through the barrier of Platform 9 3/4 to enter the world of Harry Potter. All you have to do is visit the officially licensed Harry Potter partner store on Zazzle to bring the Boy Who Lived closer to you (Zazzle website)".
 The first wizarding essential owl posted to our castle was this journal pictured above. I wanted something my son could travel with and jot his inner spells! They have so many to choose from if you are a avid fan like us it will be super hard to decide on just one, just in case here is the link to the entire Notebook/journal selection. If you are not a Harry Potter fan, because I know their might be some of you out there..... They do have some great stationary and motivational stationary as well to choose from!

Recipe: Chocolate covered Halloween Pretzels

Halloween is just around the corner and I have another treat I think you will enjoy! 
Chocolate covered Halloween Pretzels
What you will need:
M&M candies
Pretzel rods
Andes Chocolates
Butterscotch chocolate chips
Black Icing
We melted the Andes candies and cover some sticks green for Frankenstein. We melted the white chocolate for Mummies and the butterscotch for Pumpkins.
After allowing them to dry I then added the black icing on each to help create the monster looks.
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