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August 15, 2016

Recipe: A&W Root beer Floats

I hope we have all had the infamous "Root beer floats" within our lifetimes. News to me that some people, had never had one and asked how to make them at my sons birthday party. Here we go because they are SUPER easy to make!
What you will need:
A&W Root Beer (I love this brand but you can use any)
Vanilla Ice cream (We use Vanilla Bean flavoring, optional)
Ice cream scoop
I place a scoop of ice cream in the cup first! Add the straws...

Gently add the Root Beer....
Allow the Root Beer foam to fizzle out and add more Root Beer.
That is it! Super easy to make, great for parties, serve and enjoy!

1 comment

  1. Love making root beer floats! And A&W root beer is my favorite!


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