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July 8, 2016

Travel: Catamaran Tip Top

While I was enjoying my trip to the Dominican Republic on an Impact Cruise I had the opportunity to snorkel. Something I have always wanted to do but just never had the chance! I signed up with Catamaran Tip Top to set out on my new adventure!
My lovely lady sidekicks, who I had only just met, also decided this would be a grand adventure! Meeting fellow travelers is so very rewarding. After this trip we became close and hung out the rest of the cruise! Great travel tip: Get out and meet new people!

Photo credit: Catherine Nunnally
We started on a small boat that took us out to this beauty!
The crew "Welcomed" us on board with fun fruity drinks!
Next we were off to find the perfect Snorkeling spot!
Once we found it we all geared up and dropped into the water.
About this time I was in a panic.... I had never snorkeled before but I luckily came to my senses and figure it out quick. Then it was smooth sailing from then on!

 "Feed the fishes" had a whole new meaning underwater...

I overcame my fear & went snorkeling. It was truly amazing!!

Everyone had such a great experience down under!
The ride back was so much fun! We listened to music, drank alcoholic beverages and danced to the sun setting.
If I could recommend a MUST-DO while you are in the Dominican Republic this is by far on the top of my list. It truly is amazing and worth every second. 
Tip Top location 
Reserve: +1 809-710-0503


  1. The local people will always know where to take you!! One thing really worth paying for! Try this one next time: https://youtu.be/AW_Tpd4vghI

  2. How fun, looks like an absolute blast!!! Good for you for getting over your fear, it's all about the baby steps!

  3. What a lovely experience! Overcoming fear and having fun is overall an amazing adventure. Beautiful photos too! #TwinklyTuesday

  4. That looks so great! We tried snorkeling in St. Thomas; it was amazing!

  5. Makes me wanna go to the sea right now!!!

  6. What an awesome experience! And great underwater photos. Snorkelling is addictive....before you know it you'll be scuba diving!

  7. I love catamaran trips - nothing better than relaxing on the nets with a cold drink while watching the sun set!

  8. Looks like you had a great time! I've never been scuba diving but would really love to try it soon!

  9. Dominican Republic looks like such a beautiful place! I tried Catamaran sailing in Boracay and really enjoyed it. Especially since you feel like you're doing something quite active when you're actually just sunbathing lol x

  10. This looks fab. I do love the idea of snorkeling but I'm not good underwater so I'd probably have some kind of panic attack! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

  11. Good for you! Next step... Diving! I promise it's amazing!!!

  12. Congreats!! I've always wanted to snorkel but I'm a bit afraid. You've inspired me :)

  13. Your photos are breathtaking. What a wonderful experience! I am so delighted that you shared your snorkeling experience with us at the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party!Thank you so much for sharing your gems and for your support! All the best, Deborah

  14. ah i totally panicked the first time i went snorkeling too! the feel of the fishes nibbling totally freaked me out ha!


  15. This looks great fun. I went snorkelling in the Philippines and loved it!


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