Wednesday, May 4, 2016

20 Criminal Shows on Netflix

If you are anything like our family you enjoy good old fashion Criminal Shows on Netflix! Enjoy a collection of our TOP SECRET Criminal Shows on Netflix. We love these so much that when we traveled to Washington D.C. we actually toured the FBI headquarters. If that was not cool enough, NCIS was filming in D.C. at the White House!!  I have personally investigated this list of Criminal Shows to keep your detective eyes satisfied.
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1. Criminal Minds - Enjoy a group of talented FBI Profilers track, and solve serial killer attacks. You will fall in love with these characters as they dig deep into the minds of psychopathic criminals.
2. Law & Order SVU
3. F.B.I Files
4. CSI NY & CSI Miami
5. Forensic Files
6. NCIS- You knew that was coming. What is not to love about Gibbs and his gang of totally awesome agents hunting down military killers and saving the U.S. from terrorist attacks.
14. Person Of Interest
15. Crossing Lines 
16. ArrowChanged by a shipwreck, billionaire Oliver Queen becomes Arrow to right the wrongs of his family. This is another personal favorite of ours.
17. Bones
19. Lie to Me
20. How to get away with Murder


  1. Lol! This post is right up my alley. I watch almost every show that you've listed above. I enjoy watching them when I climb into bed at night, and I'll watch one episode after the next until I catch up. Then I'll switch to another show. There are just a few on your list I haven't seen and I'm definitely going to check them out. That is so cool that you went to DC and that you were able to see NCIS filming. Absolutely love the show and can't wait to see what happens for the season finale cliffhanger.

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