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December 23, 2016

10 ways to enjoy the Holidays with your Love

 December is a time to enjoy your family and appreciate the time and memories you have with them. I love this festive time of year. Sparkly lights line window displays as the crackling of "All I want for Christmas" plays in the distance. You know what else the Holiday season is good for? Mistletoe! Yeah, you read that right. For years I dreamed of a day I would meet "THE ONE" and settle down. Those days have come and now after four years of marriage, I keep the spark alive especially during the BUSY Holiday season. Grab some egg nog and read 10 ways to enjoy the Holidays with your Love!
This post was in collaboration with Adam & Eve. All opinions expressed are my own.
10. Place some mistletoe in someone you loves stocking. I would recommend one of these playful stockings
9. Play in the Snow together. Sounds silly especially if you are NOT with the kids but trust me laughing together can be so irresistibly passionate. 
8. Wrap gifts together. Pretty easy to do considering and let me tell you it can truly make you appreciate each others families as you sift through what you got each of them.

December 21, 2016

Holiday Penguin School Treats

 Every year my son has a Christmas party at school. Come to think of it every Holiday they tend to have a fun party the kids enjoy before they go on a school break. This year was rather interesting coming up with something homemade he could hand out to his class mates without breaking the bank. I also wanted something he could craft himself rather then leave it to dear old Mom who already has a Santa list a mile long of things to get done! 
We came up with Holiday Penguin School Treats for his classmates!
These are SUPER easy to make!!
What you will need:
Sandwich bags
Construction paper (black & White)
Scissors ( I also used a creative cut pair)
Orange marker
Google eyes ( found those at Dollar tree)
Treats (We used sugar free peppermints)

December 14, 2016

12 Reasons Netflix makes the Best Holiday Gift

I did this last year and think it is such a great idea I wanted to do it again this year! 12 reasons, I think, Netflix makes the best holiday gift for everyone on your Shopping list.
12. For your World Wanderers, Netflix make it easy for you to watch your favorite shows and movie while traveling! Enjoy 5 Netflix Shows to Watch While Traveling!

11. For Marvel/Comic Fans: 25+ Super Hero Shows and Movies.

10. Disney Fans got a HUGE surprise when they added several new movies on Netflix: 15+ Disney Classics.

December 12, 2016

Wondering around the Chautauqua Institue

 Winter has officially fallen here in Western New York. About 41 inches of that white fluffy stuff to be exact! I live near the lake, lake effect snow is NO joke! Our driveway took about an hour to shovel, salt and dig out our vehicles. Because it gets so cold here we really need appropriate Winter attire. This year I have been sporting this Women's Pure Soft Jacket!
 As we enjoyed the community covered in snow I realized just how important my jacket would become! It's cold outside especially by the lake with gusts of snow and ice.

December 9, 2016

Recipe: Chicken Wing Dip

It is always a great time to gather with friends and family. We love hosting people over for dinner at our home or hosting a game night. When I serve dinner for several people I love including finger foods including dip. They are easy to make, easy to clean up and even kids love them! 
Enjoy one of my personal favorites, Chicken Wing dip!
I received a free product to facilitate my review. I was not required to write a positive review . The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations
What you will need:
Hot sauce ( I use Franks)
Chicken Brest ( I use the can kind)
Shredded Cheese
Sour cream or Cream Cheese (whipped kind)
Organic Tessemae Creamy Ranch dressing 
(Tessemae’s uses only clean, simple, real ingredients)

December 7, 2016

Recipe: Holiday Cranberry Spritzer

The Holiday season is a great time to gather with friends and family members. We enjoy great gatherings filled with fun cocktails and games! Today I want to share a great Cranberry Spritzer we had at our last Game night party! 
What you will need: 
Wine ( I used a Acrobat Dry wine) 
Sparkling juice (any flavor will do) 
Cape Cod Select Premium Frozen Cranberries ( I had frozen them prior to help keep the beverage cold) 
I received a free product to facilitate my review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.
 Slice up the limes. I do not squeeze them but you are more then welcome too!

December 3, 2016

Game night with the Mouth Guard Challenge

 We have always enjoyed a good game night. Actually games are a large part of our lives. Waiting for school to start, pull out some cards and play a quick game. Have a bunch of friends over, pull out a game and enjoy some light competition as our children play. After a long work week I think we all needed some fun in our household. I posted we were having a game night on Facebook and started cleaning out house. Browsing the interwebs I came across this fun game, Mouth Guard Challenge. I knew after a few festive beverages my friends and family might just like to unwind and have a spot of fun together playing this!
I was provided a free game to try out and review. All opinions of the game are my own.
 First off it comes with "Mouth Guards". Much like the game name would suggest but perhaps looking at them in the packaging does them no justice. Once you put one of these bad boys in your mouth holy crow you have to have some serious poker faces not to bust out laughing at one another.

December 2, 2016

Enjoyed Orange Beach, AL in my Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring

Often times my job sends me to areas of the world I have never been. After recieving the email I was going to be one of the judges World Food Championship  in Alabama excitement filled my body. I was going to be a food judge!! EEK, taste delicious food = dream job!! Where on earth was Orange Beach, Alabama and how was I going to get there? I quickly Googled the location and found an airport to fly into. After booking my flight I arranged a rental and started packing my bags. After a 2 hour flight I arrived at the rental place completely unaware how my trip would unfold. Often times, I do not research much about an area when I am working because I do not want a preconceived notion. When they handed me the Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring keys I about fell over!
I was given a complimentary rental for my trip. All opinons are my own.
Back home in New York, I drive a 4-wheel drive Chevy pick up that let's just say: "it has seen better days". The Mazda was completely out of my element in such a grand special way. Leather seats greeted my restless aching "just got off a stuffy airplane" body with comfort. By the time I drove out of the parking lot and onto the wonderfully wooded roads, I felt like I had drove this car for years.


November 25, 2016

Luvs NEW Ultra Leakguard Diapers & GIVEAWAY #WhatULuv

Parenthood is a roller coaster ride, but experienced parents take it all in stride. They value the things that help them get through the day and that make their lives a little bit easier – from a best mom friend who always has their back to great products that get the job done and don’t break the bank (like Luvs). 
  • Luvs recently introduced the new and improved Luvs Ultra Leakguard Diapers with NightLock Plus™.  Softer and more absorbent than ever before, with large stretch tabs for easy fastening, ultra-leakage protection and a money-back guarantee, Luvs provide high-quality features for less cost than premium brands.
“This review was made possible by iConnect and Luvs. I was provided compensation to facilitate this post, but all opinions stated are 100% mine.”
Some Reasons We Love, Luvs Diapers: 
*Luvs diapers are available in sizes newborn through 6, and can be found at mass, discount and grocery stores where baby care products are sold. 
*With large refastenable stretch tabs, fastening Luvs diapers is super easy, plus you can rest assured knowing that you’re giving baby a secure, snug fit again and again. 
*With Leak Barrier Leg Gathers and a Leakguard Core, plus our largest absorbency area ever, Luvs makes life easier for busy Moms by helping to keep leaks in the diaper where they belong, so baby stays dry and comfortable. 
*The Luvs Money Back Guarantee: They feel so strongly that our diapers will keep your baby leak-free that we’ve guaranteed them! If you aren’t satisfied with the leakage protection of Luvs, they will refund your money. 

November 19, 2016

The #12Stinks of Christmas

I am not sure if you have noticed but the holidays are almost here! Time for family dinners and opening presents by the Christmas tree! But for you, the hostess-with-the-mostess, it’s also a time for burnt cookies in your kitchen and wet boots stinking up your entryway. The holidays are great, but they really can stink! Having children run around and "help" decorate, create cookies and wrap presents really can add to the mess!  Febreze is here to spread cheer and freshness all season long! Enjoy the holiday hit: “The #12Stinks of Christmas” as we get ready for Chris Kringle and all the Stink that entails!
 “This review was made possible by iConnect and Febreze.  I was provided compensation to facilitate this post, but all opinions stated are 100% mine.”
12 Musty Stockings The stockings may be hung by the chimney with care, but after a year of being buried in your basement, that musty stink is anything but joyful. Revive your holiday stockings with Febreze Fabric Refresher to eliminate lingering odors and leave behind a light, fresh holiday scent.
11. Burnt Cookies Maybe the day of your party wasn’t the best time to try out that ambitious new cookie recipe. Use a Febreze Candle to eliminate any stinky, smoky odors from your kitchen and ask your cousin to pick up a pie from the bakery on his way over. 
10 Flushes per Minute The endless cycle of guests in your home means your downstairs toilet is getting one of the year’s biggest workouts. Plug a Febreze NOTICEable in the bathroom and let the two alternating scents continuously eliminate those not-so-festive odors. 
9 Casseroles A-Cookin’ Your Aunt Barb had one too many eggnogs, and reminiscing about her sorority days has taken precedence over watching the oven timer. Light a Febreze Candle before everyone starts to notice the overwhelming stench of burnt onions, and eliminate odors to keep your home continuously smelling as fresh as it looks.

November 17, 2016

Trying to Conceive

"When are you going to have a baby?" Seems like such an innocent question. It is one I heard every day after I got married! For many it comes with so much pressure and sadness. From the time I was very young I have always wanted to be a mother. Many young girls dream of meeting their soul mate, getting married and starting a family. I was no different. I never realized how hard getting and staying pregnant was! You can read my struggles here.
“This is a sponsored conversation from Mums the Word Network and The Stork OTC. All opinions are my own.”
Seeing photos of pregnant women or newborns are everywhere. I can say from personal experience struggling with infertility is so hard. You feel alone, guilty and constantly second guess yourself and body. Emotions run high, low and you can not help but feel discouraged. Keep your chin up! If you really want a family there are so many options out there to help. From someone who tried for a year and a half through miscarry and an ectopic pregnancy I know this path is so VERY difficult!

November 16, 2016

10 Ways to Ignite a Romantic Spark

I love going out on date nights with my spouse! Not to often do we get the chance but it is something we enjoy. You learn a lot about your spouse and other relationships around you! I have personally watched couples spend an entire meal looking at their phones, not talking to one another? Not talking to your spouse does not necessarily mean you’re in a bad relationship. It might mean the spark has gone dim! Let's change that and ignite that spark!!
This post is in collaboration with Adam&Eve. All opinions are my own.
1. Reinstate date night! This is such a wonderful way to separate "Parent" life and life with your spouse!!
I have a list of great ways to do this so take a peek here.
2.Initiate flirting. I am not saying flirt with an end game in mind. Let's be honest if the spark has dimmed pressuring an end game is NOT going to get you that said end game. Flirt! It is easy to do and so much fun!
2. Share dessert! I am a firm believer in dessert. It is something you can choose together. It can be so intimate because most desserts are not large in size. Plus, it is sweet and worth every flirting bite! 

November 14, 2016

5 Netflix Shows to Watch While Traveling

Travel has really consumed the month of November for me! I set out on a flight early on in the month to help judge the World Food Championships. I had all these great ideas for fun Thanksgiving posts but when you travel and write things get put on the back burner pretty quickly. I am not going to lie but things start to pile up and find myself playing "catch up" these days.  I had limited access to my work (being 600 miles from home) I decided to catch up on my Netflix shows I have been neglecting.
Who knew a work trip would be such a great time to binge watch shows? I never really jumped on the bandwagon of Netflix travel until this past trip to Orange Beach, Alabama. I had a drive to the airport, two hour flight and then another 5 hour car ride. That is a lot of waiting around. I normally would bring a book but on this trip I brought my new Mac Pro tablet! It was so easy to download the Netflix App, I had all my favorite shows at a touch of a button.

November 4, 2016

Let's embrace "Babies are Messy" Together #Giveaway #MessiestBabyContest

Have you ever had baby fever? That sweet feeling you get when you look at an adorable little one that makes you want one of your own? They are so cute and seriously smell wonderful! I remember that feeling and then I had my son. Babies are cute and look picture perfect just long enough to snap a photo. Sometimes not even THAT long! Messes have been a large part of my parenting routine. We wake up change diapers, clean up a mess, feed, clean up a mess, toss dirty laundry in hamper and continue the cycle all over again. 
Luckily, I have been ustilizing Dreft and all it's wonders! We can all agree that babies are messy, but did you know that studies show that smashing, throwing and playing with food actually helps babies learn? And science has confirmed what kids seem to instinctively know – that playing in the dirt and mud is fun! But did you know that it actually helps soothe, calm and relax children! In short, playing with mud can make kids happier! Dreft is excited to launch the Dreft America’s Messiest Baby Contest, more details below! 

November 2, 2016

How to: Harry Potter Wands

How to: Harry Potter Wands
What you will need:
Wooden spoils
Hot glue gun
Wrap and glue corks, sting onto the wooden spoils.
I laid them out to dry and then turned them over so the glue would not stick.
Paint each wand to the desired coloring. 
I used about 2-3 coats and sealed with a polyurethane spray.
 Once they are sealed and dried you can use them. I sealed them in case they got wet they would not be damaged!
Cast your magical spells away and enjoy!

October 31, 2016

Winter Clothes for Growing Kids

This post is sponsored by Coupons.com. All opinions are 100% my own.
 The leaves are changing colors and Fall has officially rolled in. Time to break out my fuzzy warm sweaters and change my wardrobe over from Summer to Winter! The winter months in Western New York can be rather cold in our neck of the woods. We average temperatures in the negative reaching as low as 14 below zero! Having proper Winter gear is so essential. Since never know when snow fall will hit I like to be prepared now!

My son has out grown his Winter jacket and I have been on a hunt for a new one! Let me introduce you to Sierra Trading Post. 
Kids’ clothing can be expensive, but Sierra Trading Post offers big savings through closeouts, overstocked items, and products with minor blemishes or irregularities.
This is a sponsored post is written in conjunction with Sierra Trading Post.The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.
Together my son and I found his next Winter jacket. 
The Snow Dragon Pluto Ski Jacket- "provides out-of-this-world warmth and weather protection. Warm insulation keeps them toasty and oversized front pockets with two-way zips warm hands (from the Sierra Website)".

October 28, 2016

Flying over Chemung Valley #flxfall2016

"Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision." 
In my line of work fear and courage come into play often. They send you to try out a new roller coaster before anyone has ever done so, you do it. When I was asked to Plane glide approximately 4,000 feet above sea level never once did fear enter into my mind frame.
(Photo credit: Michelle Beiling)
Not many things send me into a panic or really scare me easily. I have more courage running through my bones then fear. We drove up the steep hill to reach Harris Hill park, where we would eventually take off from, fear still had not set in. The other ladies of the group were a bit concerned as we spotted our gliders being pulled out on the run way. They are not very large compared to the commerical planes we all flew in on.
The ASK-21 is a two-seat (one passenger, one pilot) glider with a close resemblance to a paper air plane. The unique design has been carefully crafted through the years and you can tell something life changing is about to happen. We all took turns getting acquainted with our pilots before stuffing ourselves into the wrap around canopy. I should take a moment and mention the weight limit is 245 pounds for a reason. Not to upset anyone but to help balance the weight between you and the pilot. Again compare it to a paper air plane, as you soar through the air you need to be balanced to help maneuver and give you the best spectacular views possible.
Here I am getting seat belted into the front canopy area. Not scared of what is about to happen. I just watched my friends go up in the air at all, how hard could it be? That is the thing about fear and courage they really go hand in hand don't they?

October 26, 2016

DIY Halloween Candle

We LOVE Halloween. Both handing out candy and decorating fun Fall and Pumpkin decor. Today I want to share these easy to create, DIY Halloween Candle holders.
What you will need:
 1 Liter plastic Bottle
Glue gun
Halloween scene ( we used decorations from Dollar Tree)
Ribbon or Pipe cleaners to wrap around the holder
Candles ( we used Blood wax drip candles)
Cut the top of the bottle to create the holder part. Make sure it will slide over top of your Halloween decorations. Then trace the cardboard around. I also colored mine black to create a creepy vibe.
I then Hot glued the Halloween decorations to the cardboard.

October 24, 2016

Recipe: Peach Rolls

We love a tasty dessert after dinner. Here is a super fabulous one that is so easy to make I feel almost guilty sharing!
What you will need:
1 Cinnamon Roll 
Sprinkles of Brown sugar
1 Peach 
1 can of peaches
Peach jam (we used a triple fruit one)
4 tbs butter
Melt butter and mix in brown sugar (You can use a microwave and save time). Add the jam and chopped peaches and canned diced peaches. Flatten out the cinnamon rolls on a cookie sheet and add mixture as shown above.
Roll rolls up and slice. Place the rolls in a baking pan and preheat oven to 350 or as directed on your roll container. Add the cinnamon roll frosting, 1 tbs of jam and some diced peaches into a bowl and whip. Set aside.
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