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November 5, 2015

See the IAMS Visible Difference

Meet Lily, our family addition.
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The picture above is from when we first got Lily. She had never had water, lived off scraps she found on the ground and had health issues. It is amazing how even though she had a week to live, she fought even this small in size. We needed to act fast and get her back to health! We took the IAMS visible difference guarantee (100% money back) and I am so happy we did!  

 We had tried a few dog foods but none seem to agree with her sensitive stomach. She needed a healthy balanced diet unlike what she had from the beginning of her life. 
Lily enjoys the IAMS Proactive Health "minichucks" in true luxury style!
IAMS food includes "nutrients such as protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals that play important roles in the skin and coat health of dogs. Vitamins and minerals important to your dog’s skin include A, E, C, and B2, biotin, zinc, and copper".
First identify your dog's life stage, lifestyle, and any medical conditions. Then compare food quality, decide on dry or wet food and ingredients. We purchase our dog food at Wal-Mart where it is very cost effective with our budget. 
    * By feeding your dog IAMS, you will see a visible difference
* There will be noticeable improvements in energy, skin, coat and digestion 
* IAMS guarantees satisfaction, or your money back
* Reason to believe:  100% proactive nutrition, 0% fillers
* A healthy dog is a visibly happy dog. Try an IAMS diet and look for the visible differences our quality food can make!
We have had this little sausage dog for a year now. She has come so far from when we first got her!! Her coat, health and overall appearance went from shabby to strong.

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