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August 26, 2015

Shut-eye strategies

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We all know that getting a full, uninterrupted night’s sleep has many benefits to our body's that filter in our day to day. I will be adopting some shut-eye strategies to help me achieve a great night’s sleep, YEAH! Because, let's face it as a busy work from home Mom, I could use a good night's sleep! Some examples: "I will be signing off from social media at least one hour before bedtime". This one will be extremely hard for me personally! My job consists of my time spent on some sort of social media. Signing off gives more time for more important things though, like cuddle time! Having these media devices or lights on can activate the brain, keeping you from falling and staying asleep at night. I know this and yet I still partake in checking my emails, Facebook or other social sites right before I got to sleep. I also have a bad habit of placing my phone on my night stand to charge at night. As it goes off through the night I wake up and check it. This prevents a restful night sleep. I have decided to turn it completely off and prevent this viscous cycle.
GET ACTIVE EARLY: "Getting a good night’s sleep doesn’t just start when the sun sets. Exercising early in the day can strengthen your circadian rhythm, helping to bring on sleepiness at night". Included in this I will try eating a well balanced breakfast or in my case a breakfast period! I often skip breakfast and replace it with coffee. Mornings are especially hard for me. Some people can function in the morning unfortunately I am not one of them! Without coffee and some time to fully awaken I am not much good to anyone. A few tips I have instilled are setting my alarm and having it across the bedroom. This way I have to physically get up to turn it off. That seems to help my system know it is time to get up and moving.
GET COMFORTABLE: Remind your body that it’s time to wind down. Try sitting out on your porch or back deck. Watch the sunset! Try other relaxing activities, like taking a warm bath, can help transition you from daytime to bedtime. I enjoy baths during the winter time but never really take them when it is Summer. Being relaxed really does help my body to wind down from the day to day hustle and bustle.

GO DARK: "Block out the light. Light and darkness are natural reminders that tell your body when it’s time to rest. Light during the night can send messages to the brain telling you to “wake up!” before you’re ready". For this step we actually went out and purchase "black-out" curtains. I need the bedroom to be dark and sound proof. Since we live by city noise and lights it is hard to shut out the noise! These curtains really helped my body to fall asleep without being constantly jerked awake by light or sounds! If you could use a uninterrupted night's sleep check out more sleep strategies here!

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