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August 31, 2015

Family Dollar Kidgets Diapers

 **This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Family Dollar.
  I am going to go out on a limb here and say I have the cutest niece there is. Yes she sure melted my heart after a whole family of boys. Since I had never bought for a girl, it has been a real treat to scan the never ending pink isles. After outfits and decor I decided to try out some value diapers I found at Family Dollar. First impression they cost $6.50 for 31 diapers (size 4)!!! WHAT?!! I about fell over with that price. I remember purchasing diapers for $12-15 a package without designs on them.

 They have stretchable sides which conform to her sides without being to snug. Since she is a very active baby this is perfect! The cloth-like outer cover is soft and does not irritate her sensitive skin.

August 28, 2015

Slow Cooker Recipe- Garlic Corn on the Cob

Garlic Chive Corn on the Cob
What you will need:
Corn on the cob
Bacon chive spice
 Sesame King Tahini Garlic spread
Place a corn in a tin foil. 
Latter a generous amount of garlic spread then sprinkle with spices.

August 26, 2015

Shut-eye strategies

  “I participated in an Ambassador program on behalf of Influence Central for Pernix Therapeutics. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.”
We all know that getting a full, uninterrupted night’s sleep has many benefits to our body's that filter in our day to day. I will be adopting some shut-eye strategies to help me achieve a great night’s sleep, YEAH! Because, let's face it as a busy work from home Mom, I could use a good night's sleep! Some examples: "I will be signing off from social media at least one hour before bedtime". This one will be extremely hard for me personally! My job consists of my time spent on some sort of social media. Signing off gives more time for more important things though, like cuddle time! Having these media devices or lights on can activate the brain, keeping you from falling and staying asleep at night. I know this and yet I still partake in checking my emails, Facebook or other social sites right before I got to sleep. I also have a bad habit of placing my phone on my night stand to charge at night. As it goes off through the night I wake up and check it. This prevents a restful night sleep. I have decided to turn it completely off and prevent this viscous cycle.
GET ACTIVE EARLY: "Getting a good night’s sleep doesn’t just start when the sun sets. Exercising early in the day can strengthen your circadian rhythm, helping to bring on sleepiness at night". Included in this I will try eating a well balanced breakfast or in my case a breakfast period! I often skip breakfast and replace it with coffee. Mornings are especially hard for me. Some people can function in the morning unfortunately I am not one of them! Without coffee and some time to fully awaken I am not much good to anyone. A few tips I have instilled are setting my alarm and having it across the bedroom. This way I have to physically get up to turn it off. That seems to help my system know it is time to get up and moving.

August 24, 2015

Reebok Kids Twistform

“I participated in a Blog Blast Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Reebok. I received a gift card to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.”
My son cannot wait to start school this year! Before we can even think about school, we need to start school shopping. We ventured out to our local Finish line store to find his size and scan the shoe options. As a parent you have to think practicality, durability and affordability.
We were intrigued by the new stylish Reebok Twistform!
My son gravitated toward the Reebok Twistform sneakers because of the outside flare design. He is really into the design patterns and mesh top.Which allows his feet to breathe. I love this especially for as much energy he runs out during the day (pictured above).

August 21, 2015

Macy’s Back to School Event

 “This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.“
 Last year We were lucky to attend the Macy's Kids Event and it was so much fun! If you have kids this is a great FREE event you can attend with them! "It is an afternoon of crafts and activities including Disney Princess and Star Wars coloring books, the chance to make your own Princess crown and pose for a picture in our Disney Princess and Star Wars-themed photo booths". 
They have a bunch of Back to School events coming up.
Find an events near you:
Macy's Walden Galleria - Buffalo, NY- 8/22, 2pm
Macy's Twelve Oaks - Novi, MI - 8/22, 2pm
Macy's Countryside - Tampa, FL - 8/22, 2pm
Macy's Dulles - Sterling, VA - 8/22, 2pm
Macy's Florida Mall - Orlando, FL - 8/23, 2pm
Macy's Brea - Brea, CA - 8/29, 2pm
Macy's Fayette - Lexington, KY - 8/29, 2pm
Macy's Oakbrook - Oakbrook, IL - 8/29, 2pm
Macy's Woodbridge - Woodbridge, NJ - 8/29, 2pm
Macy's Parks at Arlington - Arlington, TX - 8/30, 2pm
Macy's Herald Square - New York City, NY - 9/27, 2pm

August 20, 2015

How to be a Real Estate Investor

Synopsis: America's most trusted real estate investing mentor and coach, Phil Pustejovsky, shows you step by step, how to be a real estate investor, regardless of how much money you have, your credit rating or your experience level. This book was created for anyone looking for a simple to read, easy to follow guide on real estate investment in today's market.
 My personal thoughts on the book:
It is a overview of how someone can begin investing in real estate more than a step by step guide. By giving information about invest marketing and the steps involved in the process as a whole. Throughout each section, the author provides real world examples and Wisdom keys for each deal or topic being explained. This is a great way to connect with the reader personally. Since he explains his personal story through the journey as well. He has several encouraging points throughout the book that make you question what you hope to get out of real estate. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to get into this line of business. Simple and easy read to get through. 
I received a copy of this book free of charge to facilitate the review.  This post was created in partnership with Mom Buzz Media and all views and opinions expressed above are my own. 

August 19, 2015

Travel-Medieval Faire, Great lakes Ohio

 **I received a free product to review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.
 We decided to take our little knight to a Medieval Faire in Geneva, Ohio for some royal fun! I went when I was younger and knew he would really enjoy the whole experience.
I suggest getting there early as this is a popular destination for Pirates, Lords, Knights, fairies and more. The line to get in can be long so arrive early. They have some great photo props to keep you busy as well as fun scavenger hunt tools. So be on the look out for anyone handing them out.

August 18, 2015

Build a Scene and Imagine!

 We get a lot of mail every week. It gathers around my foyer floor until I shoot my YOUTUBE channel video. I had the NEW Marine Rescue Center out to film and then give to my niece. Let's just skip ahead and say my son has a very curious taste for "toys". I came downstairs to find he not only opened the new kit but also started creating a scene with the pieces. Who am I to stand in the way of creativity and imagination?
"Build & Imagine, an empowering toy line for youngsters ages 4 and up that starts them on a road to innovation. These magnetic construction sets are packed with foundational STEAM learning yet are enchanting for endless hours of imaginative play". Which from first hand experience they are doing just that! My son loves this kit and creates different architectural building shapes with story lines! "These kits develop early engineering skills (spatial reasoning, problem solving, and creativity) as well as language skills". Although they may market to the girl industry it really could be played universally.
 **I received a free product to review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.
This is one of many creations he has made since opening this kit. They come with a building you create any way you would like and characters.
This particular one has Thea saving endangered sea animals in her Marine Rescue Center.

August 17, 2015

Netflix Monthly Picks & Recipe

 My personal pick this month has been what we have been binge watching once little man is in bed. NCIS episodes. I LOVE this series and could not believe it was added to Netflix. EXCITING! It has suspense, mystery, drama, thrill, action scene and more.This is a show you will be completely addicted and just cannot get enough of it.

August 15, 2015

Fashion Secret: Wear Bumbrella

 Let us have a good *NEW* fashion "Wine down" of my week in NYC! I attended red carpets events, premieres and celebrity parties for my job. With these comes a lot of WORK and fun with my wardrobe choices. Can I let you in on a little secret girl tip when taking photos?? Wear a bumbrella Slip!! It does not matter if you are getting your makeup done, heading to work or simply walking down the street, if you have a dress on, wear a slip! 
 I was so lucky I listened to my Mom's tip about that because not only did I wear several dresses whilst in NYC but people took photographs of me everywhere! Some of those fashionable dresses you see in stores are a bit see-through if you know what I mean! I love me some Marlyn Monroe but I don't want to be caught with my lady parts showing!

August 14, 2015

Back to School Breakfast Muffins

Back to School Breakfast Muffin Recipe
What you will need:
8 eggs
 1/3 cup of milk
 1 cup of shredded cheese (we used
1/2 teaspoon of salt
2tbs honey
1/4 cup Milk
3-4  Johnsonville sausage links (cubed) 
 In a bowl, mix 8 eggs, 1/3 cup of milk, honey, a cup of shredded cheese and about 1/2 teaspoon of salt.

August 12, 2015

Amazon Original Series, Wishenpoof

  "Wishenpoof is the newest Amazon Original Kids Series supporting kids as lifelong creative learners by giving them the life skills and mindset they need to lead purpose-filled, creative lives. Bianca’s ability to magically fulfill her friends’ wishes and creative instinct spark children’s imaginations at an early age. 
Wishenpoof incorporates Families and Work Institute President Ellen Galinsky’s (Mind in the Making) “Seven Essential Life Skills” framework—life skills that help children reach their full potential and unleash their passion to learn. Based on the most rigorous brain and child development research, this framework promotes executive function life skills like focus and self-control, perspective taking, communicating, creativity, critical thinking, taking on challenge, and self-directed engaged learning.
We watched the first 13 episodes and here are our thoughts:
* I would compare this series to a mix between Doc McStuffins and Tinkerbell
* Colorful, vibrant, child appropriate and educational!
*This is a great series your kids can watch anywhere you have a Amazon Prime compatible device. The episodes are not to long, engaging and perfect for little kids. The story line of granting wishes to others but still having to use problem solving skills.
* One of the other great things about this series was the incorporation of manners (please, thank you) even though the main character has wish power.
 ** I wascompensated in order to facilitate my post. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.
Wishenpoof also features vocal talent from Kaelyn Breitkopf (Puppets) as Ben and Millie Davis (Orphan Black, Annedroids) as Penelope. The series is Directed by Gilly Fogg (Bob the Builder) and Phillip Stamp (Little Bear) serves as Supervising Producer. It is a fun, magical adventure series that teaches lessons through imaginative play, Wishenpoof inspires children to solve life’s big preschool problems in creative ways.

August 10, 2015

Aldi Gives Back

 For most children in the North school will start next month. It is a bittersweet time as we say "goodbye" to Summer and "hello" to another school year of learning. Every child struggles with, "Will I fit in, Who will be in my class? and Will I like my teacher"? Some children will worry about tangible things such as "Will I have a back pack, school supplies or even lunch snacks"? This year I have paired up with Aldi and Madame Deals to combat those worries!

August 7, 2015

Travel - Journey Behind The Falls

 **I received a free tickets to facilitate this review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.
We had a few passes to explore the Niagara Falls from different view points. The first sent us lowering down to Journey Behind The Falls! This was a new experience traveling 150 feet down to the bedrock to tunnels leading to the Cataract Portal and Great Falls Portal. 

August 5, 2015

Campus Book Rentals

Whether you are a college student, homeschooling family or furthering your education, you know expensive textbooks can be and how quickly their prices can kill a budget. It is a great time to check out CampusBookRentals!
Some perks are:
-save 40-90% off of bookstore prices
-free shipping both ways
-can highlight in the textbooks
-flexible renting periods
-we donate to Operation Smile with each textbook rented


August 3, 2015

Back-to-school at OshKosh B’gosh

“I participated in a Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for OshKosh B’Gosh. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.”
School is a very important right of passage for all children. When you are young going to school is still fun and exciting. Picking out your school supplies to choosing fun fashions for the coming year. This year my son will be entering 1st grade in style with the help from OshKosh B’gosh. They have a wide selection of styles this fall, from glow-in-the- dark tees (pictured above) to fun jeggings for girls! "OshKosh B’gosh’s thoughtful designs, superior materials and construction, and trendy fashions will give kids the confidence to excel in the classroom this year".
I have always encouraged my son to choose his attire and own style. He loves jeans it is a staple for him no matter the weather conditions! We went with a few pairs of the Classic true blue jeans! You can see these pictured above! "OshKosh B’gosh has plenty of different pieces designed for today’s active, expressive kids".
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