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July 1, 2015

Recipe - Campfire Breakfast

 We love to camp and try to come up with great flavored meals with few ingredients. 
Campfire Breakfast Recipe
What you will need:
Peppers (diced)
Small Onion (diced)
Bacon & chives spice
Bacon (optional)
Scramble in a Cast Iron frying pan over the open campfire. I use a pot holder so my hand do not get burnt. Remember the cast iron pans get hot so also use proper utensils! We have a grilling set we use for any campfire cooking.
Nothing like pipping hot breakfast from a campfire!
Serve and Enjoy!!


  1. That looks amazing. We're hoping to go camping this summer so will try this out

  2. Yum....looks delish! I haven't been camping in ages but when we did go, my favorite part was always the camp breakfast!

    1. I love to camp! Wish we could but it just keeps raining...

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