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March 1, 2015

Faith Corner: Friendship

Have you ever wondered if you were a good parent, worried you might not be doing the right thing? Why do you ask yourself that, why do we have such guilt? I'm not just calling out parents either, do you think: " Am I a good friend, co-worker, spouse etc? 

 I often wonder what people would label me as. To be honest I think it might be good that I don't know. In my mind I try to help others. I try to be the bigger person, not react when people cause a scene. Sometimes what you think you are doing and what others preserve can be so different. 
Do you ever feel this way?
Do your circle of friends mimic the kind of person you are? Sit there & think about this for a moment because misery LOVES company & unless you want to be miserable take me seriously for a second. Guilty by association? I find this in religions all the time. People house friendships to put on a show. They act one way but really feel another way. Are you proud of the people you hang around? Proud of who your friends are? Would you take them and introduce them to your other friends, to your church, synagog, hall etc? I know the kind of person I strive to be. I also know the friends I am proud to have in my life but there are some I think maybe I should reconsider. Do you?


  1. I think if I do the very best in life to be as true to myself and others is all I need. I feel Like there is often pressure to be better than or achieve higher etc. Thank you linking up with #mum-bomonday, I love the look of your blog and will explore some more.

  2. My friends, I love them, they bring a richness to my life & I can always count on them in every sense of the word. In the past I've had some not so friendly friends. Those who say one thing but mean another, or are only in the friendship for what they can gain from it without reciprocating in anyway - though friendship should not be based on reciprocation but mutual respect.


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