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February 16, 2015

Disney Party Setup & Ideas #Disneyside

 This is my second year hosting s #disneyside Party!! I have to say this year it went a lot smoother and had less stress. I hope some of these tips will help you if you decide to throw a Disney party or any Kid party for that matter.
Presentation of food really makes people think you spent a lot of time or money if you spend a few minutes arranging it. This cheese tray above for instance took about five minutes but it looks fancy, I think anyway.
 Drinks are always a struggle for me. My son cannot have sugar and most kids cannot have dye. So I try to stay low key with water, honey sweetened tea.
 I also invested in fancy cloths for the tables it just dresses them up a bit. I can reuse this for many different types of parties. Here are a few examples:
a Circus, Halloween party, even last years Disney party!
 Sandwiches or wraps are the way to go with little ones. They are less of a mess to clean up and super inexpensive to make them!!
 CUPCAKES!! These are easy to make, frost and kids can help sprinkle!!
 I also always lay my napkins out like this. It just looks well Fancy!
 Something all kid parties should have a photo area!! 
Kids love to pose, act out and dress up!
 Also don't forget the Photo props and costumes in case parents forget. 
This is fun to watch them mix and match different pieces!
 I also love place mats that you can color on. For some reason if they are fun looking kids try really hard not to spill on them.
 Always remember favors. These are great because it says thank you for coming to the party and they are easy to make. I love creating fun little bags although I skip out on adding candy to them. Also thank the parents for bringing their little ones. You just never know what there day was like to schedule a nap, get them ready so remember to thank them!

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