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December 20, 2014

DIY Snowman Cards

 Over the weekend we made these cute Finger snowman additions to generic Christmas Cards. Since I am always buying Christmas Cards on Clearance I decided to Jazz them up a bit with some creativity!
 What you will need:
Finger paint/ acrylic paint works too!
Paint brush
Christmas Cards or Make your own cards from Paper
Marker Sharpie (thin)
Pretty easy to make just paint a finger and press onto your cards!
 I used both my little guys finger and mine to give some size difference. 
Once made allow to dry!
 Then with a marker or Sharie start to draw character to the snowmen!
 None of our cards turned out the same. 
I added some different hats, scarves, expressions etc.
 Really play around and get creative.
HaPPy Crafting & Holidays!


  1. Those are so cute! I love the accessories on the snowmen.

  2. Oh goodness, these are cute, I have already send all our cards but I'm thinking about doing a picture in this style. My daughter will have fun.

  3. Okay, those are some of the cutest snowmen I've ever seen! We love making things with fingerprints!

  4. These are great and so easy for the little ones, Thank you for sharing on #overthemoon ,have a great week.

  5. Those are so cute, and a fun way to get the kids involved with making Christmas cards. :)


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