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October 29, 2014

Pumpkin Picking

  We are getting ready for our 9th Annual Pumpkin Party for the kids. The first thing you need for a pumpkin Party is Pumpkins!  And I know you can go and purchase them from a local chain store BUT where is the fun in that? (ok so it's convenient but I like some adventure). I also believe in purchasing from a local farmer to help them and our community.
 With the exclusion of last year we have purchased pumpkins from this farm every year. 
Last year they didn't sell any due to the crappy weather conditions.
 So we set out and loaded out car trunk. 
First the little pumpkins for painting!
 Then we headed to the bigger pumpkins. I have to say this was the best part.
Watching Mac pick out pumpkins for others kids and getting excited!
We filled our trunk for around $20!!
Whose ready for Pumpkin & Halloween Parties?


  1. We currently live in Pennsylvania and have for almost 6 years. Prior to that we lived in eastern North Carolina. While we lived there we used to take our children to pick our own strawberries and what began as a Christmas Tree farm and then expanded to many other events throughout the year. There is nothing like getting to pick your own fruit, vegetables, and Christmas trees. It was always so fun to go look at all the trees and then finally find the perfect one. We would tag it and then go back closer to Christmas to get it. I always enjoyed those times so much. Enjoy making memories with your family

  2. Ahhh, I love this! We just moved to a place that has so many u-pick places throughout the year and I just LOVE it! But Fall and pumpkin patches are definitely my favorite!

  3. I love pumpkin picking. It's so much fun, especially for the kids.

  4. Wow! You got all of those for around $20?! We need to come get pumpkins where you live next year! lol

  5. Pumpkin picking is without a doubt one of my favorite fall activities to do with my family!


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