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August 11, 2014

Wegmans Organic Event

I know I talk a lot about the store Wegmans on this Blog. I just have such a love for it even though I know it is not regional and not all of you have one local. I hope some of you have stores like this! Wegmans host free events for Shopper club members. How do you become one of those? You know that little shopper card you sign up for to save money on items in the store? 
If you have one then you are a member.
Mac was so excited because we eat from the organic section & he wanted to try new "snackies".
We scored free tickets and decided to check it out. 
They had everything set up in the Cafe area.
 Free Samples to try out! 
How to make natural Sunscreen!
More Free Organic food to try out with COUPONS!
Then they sent us home with this enormous bag full of FREEBIES & COUPONS.
Just for attending!!


  1. Looks like a nice event. We have a shop over here (in Germany) who sells organic only and does similar free events.

  2. I'm from Rochester originally and I love that place. Miss Wegman's!

  3. We love Wegmans saturdays don't even need lunch fill up on freebies!!!


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