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July 21, 2014

Industrial breakdown, NY

Jamestown, New York has a few claims to fame. It was home to the actress Lucy Desi from the "I love Luci" Show as well as a hub for industry. If you were to visit this town now however, industry is not what you will see.It has gone down hill drastically from the bombing industry days. This is relatively sad since many of the "Mom & Pop" shops struggle whilst big businesses move in. Having said that one of my favorite hobbies it to just walk around with my camera and photograph old things. I can't help wonder if I should have been born in a different time period. Ever wonder that?
I also wonder what this town looked like in the old days. As it sits now the industry has long since gone from our town and migrated to Rochester, New York. As I stated all the old buildings sit here decaying little by little. I have to say I love photographing it though.
Rust, decay, broken glass, mess, moss, Oh these things call my photo lens!
Even as a back drop this area photographs well. 
What do you think?
It is so sad this town has really started to run down. 
Some of these factories are now condemned and some have been torn down.
I find the older buildings have character as opposed to the modern ones you can find a dime a dozen. Even though they are long past their prime I hope I captured some of their beauty before they are all torn down.
Do you have old buildings in your town?
Do you ever visit them?
I wish I knew more about this building. 
What was it at one time? Any thoughts?


  1. I love old photos and old buildings. I agree that older structures have more character than the new ones.

  2. This is so cool, yet sad at the same time. Really makes you wonder of what used to be. Great shots!

  3. Great idea....makes for the visually interesting!

  4. Great pics! I got feel of old factory of some sort. I photographed well for sure!!!

  5. I love the old buildings, there are not a lot here in my town but they make me feel relaxed

  6. I am A.) Scared for you feet in flip flops and B.) Impressed!

    Awesome photographs, I love industrial and urban decay as a subject (of course, I do mean in buildings). We even planned on taking some wedding photos in some ruined tunnel but we ran out of time. Great shots!


  7. We have some old buildings, sadly they are all locked up, fenced off, and inaccessible. It's kinda irritating.

  8. Sad to say (I work in downtown Binghamton, NY and live outside a nearby village) I could take so many of these type pictures within walking distance of my house, or within walking distance of my job. Maybe I should. I was in Jamestown last summer, briefly, and it was a sad place indeed.

  9. We've got a few areas near me that have been left unattended. Something in me finds beauty in them, even though I wish they could be restored back to their glory days.


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