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March 13, 2014

Day 1: Did we eat on $2.63 a meal?

We started our challenge (check it out here) with a bang. I have to say that only having $78.90 to spend on food I was really worried. I mean I never worry about food money because I use coupons. Without coupons I really started to have anxiety already. Especially, going to the store and seeing what things cost without coupons (APPLES cost $5.99 a bag...REALLY? Can I find a tree to pick some instead?) My son also cannot digest large amounts of sugar, so we eat mostly organic and less then 9 grams of sugar per serving. This is an added challenge. So our foods generally are more expensive but healthy. When you want to eat healthy, if you don't have money, can you?
Day 1: We are holding strong to this. 
Breakfast was easy: Organic Cereal $1.99 a box.
1 Yogurt =$.66
Coffee- for MOM=$2.99 a can
Total for breakfast= $5.64

We made Breakfast Bites for lunch:
Milk= We get for FREE
Eggs= our chickens lay ours, so Free
Bag of Cheese= $1.99
1 Pepper= $.66
Bacon slice $.12
Total for lunch= $2.77 
Dinner we made Pizza:
Bottle of water $.66
Can of pop $.49 a sleeve (they were on sale for 6)
Shredded cheese (used some from bag)
1 can of diced organic grilled tomatoes $.79
Red Mill whole grain Pizza Flour= We were sent this to try out=Free
Garlic= Home grown=Free
Vegetable oil= $1 for bottle
Mushrooms $1.99 a container
Total for dinner = $4.93

Did we meet our daily allowance of $2.63 a meal. . No. . .
Phew, this is not easy how do people survive with so little?
 Especially those who don't know how to cook or who do not have chickens
or home grown produce or don't use COUPONS??
Total spent so far= $13.34


  1. I love seeing your posts on my Google plus...I immediately have to come read them on your blog!!! I love what you do!!!

  2. Thx 4 these great low budget food ideas.


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