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February 5, 2014

How to:Create DIY invites #Disneyside

I wrangled up some supplies to create our Disney Invites. You probably have several of these things laying around your home. I purchased glue, pens and card stock during the school supplies sales. I found some gems, "googlie eyes" and neon cards at the Dollar tree. I also picked up a star stamper at Michael's for $3.99.
We used our Disney stickers from the Disney Movie club mailer. This was a great way to show our Disney side creatively!Then I used some scrapbooking scissors to help with uneven edges.
I wanted the homemade touch but I also wanted them to look classy.
We created each one with a unique design.
I felt this was perfect for Mac's 4-5 age classmates.
This is just one example. What do you think?
Mac helped pick out gems, stockers and colors.
We added some Pixie dust (glitter) and they are now ready to hand out! This was a pretty easy way to make invites. I did not realize how cheap and easy invites were to make!

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