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January 27, 2014

WNY Countryside thru my lens

WNY Countryside thru my lens~ Did I mention I/we live in the abominable snowman land? I think Alaska is our only competition when it comes to snow fall around these parts. As much as I am not a fan of snow and cold weather it does have a real nostalgic, vintage, country feel to it! So what do you do when you are bored, it's too cold to play outside?
Take a drive through the country side,
my thoughts exactly!!
With this scenery who wants to stay inside? I love this time of year...
photograph wise, not so much snow, sleet & ice wise.
This country side, farms, Amish. .
yep don't think I could ever give this up!
Just a fun little drive to get us out of the house and
thought I would take you guys along with us!!


  1. I live in Utah, we don't get as much snow, but wow, the mountains in the winter make up for the pain of traveling in it! So lovely! Thanks for sharing your home town views.

  2. We live in NW PA, we know all about living in Snowman land too! We also used to live in upstate NY when the hubs was in the Air Force, so yeah again, familiar with the Great White Beast! If I thought I could get my hubby to move to Florida, I'd be packing in an instant!


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