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October 16, 2013

How to Create a Solar System

I picked up this kit at our local Humane Society store for .69 cents!!
You can pick up these balls at any store for pretty cheap, if you want to do this.
What you will need:
10 balls for the planets
plates for the planets 
 Each planet is different shapes, size and color. So we tried to make this fun and educational.
So we started at the smallest planet Pluto and worked our way to Saturn.
Pluto was pink
Mercury light orange
Mars red
Venus green
Earth navy blue
Neptune dark blue
Sun Yellow
Jupiter orange
Uranus light blue
Saturn yellow, orange ring, black bottom ring 
Try to keep them interested by asking the names of the planets.
Painting is fun but it is hard to paint little tiny balls without some mess.
Then allow to dry. Now this kit came with dollies to create the Solar System.
I think we might actually hang the planets from Mclachlan's bedroom ceiling.
I will keep you posted! Hope you enjoyed our Solar System making craft!


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