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July 24, 2013

Beach time & Small kids

Us Western New Yorkers really have it made! Oh my did I just say that..? Well, we do, we get four seasons (with the weather to prove it), beaches, ski lodges, four wheeling, fishing, wine trails you name it! How many of you can jump in your car and be to a beach i20 minutes or less? Or 15-20 minutes to a ski resort? Wine trail? Exactly, I may not like the endless "S" word we gather on our lawns over October-May 24th but I do enjoy the perks of living here.
Do you take your children swimming or to the beach? This was the first year our son would even go in the water let along want to swim and play around in it. Is that normal? When I was younger I loved the water, I'm pretty sure I had a "mermaid" tail. But not Mac he has been petrified from day 1. So to help ease him into it this year we purchase a life vest (in yellow of course ;). This handy little yard sale find (for $5 new) has become a awesome life line. 
He wears it with pride and gusto! So if your little one is worried or unsure about the water please don't just throw them in the water. I have seen parents do that (including my own) and if you want to scare a child I'd advice to not do such a dramatic thing. Imagine if you couldn't fly and someone threw you off a cliff would you be scared? People think how silly but taking a few extra seconds or attempts to ease a small child to enjoy and love the water is really beneficial and a bonding experience. He or she will look to you as their protector and a bond of trust will develop between you. Trust me the day will come when they won't "need or "want" you anymore so cherish the younger years whilst you have them. Someday you'll look back and be glad you did! 
Another cliché thing to do is participate in building a sand castle.
Yes, I said participate, I know all you want is five second of peace and quiet from "Mom, Hey Mom". But if you give them lots of positive attention, negative tantrums will be in smaller appearances in your trips. Try it? What do you have to lose? 
Look at how much fun and how creative you can be. Little ones can help, build, explore, create, imagine, learn all form this experience they shared with you. Something so simple like building a sand castle can really be a memory!
Have you ever built a sandcastle?
Any tips on how to train your little one to swim??
I'd love to hear about them.

July 17, 2013

Luke Conard & Landon Austin in Concert

Peabody's Concert Club what can I say, it's in Cleveland. I had tickets to see this new up and coming musicians I follow on Youtube. I have never been here and was SUPER excited. Some of the best things come from up and coming artists. Number one: their concert tickets are CHEAP ($10)! Number two: you get to see them, talk and have them sign
stuff before they hit big without paying extra!! 
I can say This place was not what I was expecting at all. It is in a interesting location (Peabody's) and would not open until 6:30 when the show was suppose to start. Standing outside in the hot elements for a half and hour to then go inside where there is no air conditioning....
To say it was hot and sweaty would be a understatement.
Holy Hotness! Good thing the musicians delivered!
Above is Luke Conard & Landon Austin. 
Luke has a CD coming out called Summer Love.
You can checkout some of his songs released from it here.
I helped fund this by purchasing a T-shirt and a Luke pack including his CD once released before the concert. I know this sounds silly but when you are trying to start from the bottom and climb to the top every little pit help. I once had the same chance with a well known artist a few years back. Anyone ever heard of Taylor Swift? It's nice to know that you have helped someone achieve a dream and met them when they are almost there!
Of course, I had to meet them and have a photo taken with them!!
They are musicians touring and will be going to over a hundred locations for this tour.
But just like us they are everyday people.
Some fans walked right by them without even realizing who they were. 
We bought Luke & Landon a water! No really! After they sang the girls flocked to them like flies on sticky tape. Once another band set started to play they were alone and the Momma Grizzly in me kicked in. They need water and to rehydrate. Luke may have felt he didn't do his songs justice but I disagree. On a tour as big as this one you wouldn't want to waste your voice on the third show. So if you haven't already, please check these guys out and watch a music Youtube video of theirs or two!
Luck Conard channel here
Landon Austin Channel here
Alext Goot Channel here
And because I love you viewers here is one of my favorite songs by them called "Superhero", an original Song by them: 


July 16, 2013

New Bartered Project

Good morning ladies and gents! Yesterday Mac and I headed outside early. We were set out on a mission to plant some more things. We decided to be nice to my other half and plant some radishes....EW! We planted onions, lettuce, lavender, flowers and some other odds n ends. I added more dirt to my potato towers which are exploding. My mom thinks I should "stomp" the stems down on top so they produce larger potatoes...anyone ever heard of this? Oh, I am sure my neighbors will love watching me "stomp" my potatoes. Then we headed over to grandmas house. We got to chatting on her back deck and bartered services. She needed her lawn mowed and her pool drained.  
I think I got the better end of this deal but I agreed. I took off mowing her lawn while she gathered scrap wood and her tools. She drew a sketch and got to building. We talked, built, moved wood for hours as Mac played on his wooden play set. Finally, it was time to bring it to my house for construction. 
Yes, up it went. While grandma was putting it together Mac took a pen and drew photos inside for the new owners to see. He did such a good job drawing on the inside I wish I could keep them myself but I know they will always there! 
After a while, it was clear, it was going to take longer then expected. So I started a fire and made our dinner on it. Sure enough not only did my neighbors have some entertainment they also had to smell some BBQ Ribs and Ranch potatoes. Nothing better then a home cooked campfire meal for all of our hard work. So I guess you want to know what I bartered my mom for?
Any guesses? How abut a hint?
We still have to put a door on, roof it and stain it. But this is basically the final project before the cosmetics go on it. What do you think? Who do you think won this round of Bartering? I mean my mom got her lawn mowed, all of it (her backyard is on a huge hill) lunch, dinner (made by yours truly) pool drained and my company/helping hands, traded for this surprise building built.....
Yep, I think I got the better end of this deal too!

July 12, 2013

Summer Kielbasa Recipe

~Summer Kielbasa Recipe~
These are amazing, easy, fast and what we had for dinner yesterday!!
What you will need:
4-5 Red Potatoes ( you can use white too)
I package of Kielbasa
 1 Packet of Ranch dressing mix
2 tbsp. Vegetable or olive oil
Fresh Vegetables 
3tbsp. of water
I usually slice the Kielbasa up and I forgot yesterday...big mistake.
If you slice in the pan then the juices with come out and help cook it along.
I love that extra flavor! Just toss in veggies, the ranch packet, water & the oil.
Mix and cook on high. I like to have them turn soft and with a brown complexion. I know reading this it sounds like they will be soggy, I promise they won't. 
This recipe only takes about 10-15 minutes tops!!
As you can see we browned them almost black. This just gives them an extra flavor.
This is almost like cooking outside on an open fire.
Try this out and let me know how you do!!

July 10, 2013

Strawberry Picking

Do you live in the Country? If so you may have heard of Strawberry picking. If you live in the City I am sure there is somewhere around you that hosts this as well. Local farmers offer a "U-Pick" staple through their fields for a small price. It was a misty day and the weather could not make up it's mind so we decided to head out pickin'. I really try to do things with Mac as he is still young. I try to create a fun filled (yet educational) childhood. When we got their he was faced with a decision to choose a bucket or carton . . later he realized the bucket would have been a better choice.
And yes Barn boots are a must! 
We all were excited to hunt! So out we went in search of the perfect strawberries.
The fields behind him may not look like much BUT they pack some tasty treats!!
Carefully move the plant leaves aside to find treasures!
This may seem like common sense but it takes a delicate hand to find the BIG Berries. When in doubt let the kiddos PICK!
Because hunting down the big strawberries is half the fun!!
If you have not tried this out with your kids I really advice that you do.
It is so much fun and they will love it but you will too! 
Yes, even this old bat got in there and found some prized pieces!!
Now you maybe thinking well this cost money and I don't really have much.
I'm not a millionaire, I know that! 
So total cost for a day of picking strawberries?
$2.10 for these babies.
Yes $2.10 for the whole experience and fun filled day! Beat that!
You simply pay for the weight of your strawberries.
Anyone else take their children picking?
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