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June 2, 2013

How to make a Fire Pit

Have you ever wanted to make your own s'mores or roast marshmallows? Well I decided that the fire pit I had was in need of an over haul. Since I am rather handy I decided to not only make a new one but share the experience with you.
 Now you can also attempt this awesome feet!
* First make sure you have enough room and clear it well!
* Level the ground so that you do not have an uneven surface.
* Lay your foundation stones or bricks (in my case) in the pattern you want your fire pit.
(square or round) 
* I wanted a hole in the middle to contain the coals and flames for better cooking.
* add the bricks or stones in layers around your fire pit for a stable platform.
* Also take in account how big you want your fire pit.
* Lay your slate rocks or bricks on top of the first layer and just build up. 
I used slate rock and just played around with shapes and sizes until they fit in a uniformed way.
I then dug out the dirt hole so the coals and fire would sink down in to the pit.
This way we could add a grate and cook on the open flames.
~We were given the metal grate as a Christmas gift but for those of you in our area you can find these at the Turtle pit gas station in Salamanca. If you are interested.
I am sure they also sell them online.
~ Also keep your eyes peeled at garage sales or thrift stores for cooking pans or utensils I picked this Dutch oven up for $2 at a yard sale yesterday!
Please practice safe fire starting, monitoring and cooking. These are so nice to have, great fun for the kiddos and at any dinner event. I also recommend grabbing some sticks to roast marshmallows and or hot dogs. 
Nothing beats cooking on the campfire!

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