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April 26, 2013

The $2 Shelf

As you can see I bought a shelf, at an auction for $2. It was nothing really special but in my mind I had oh so many ideas for it. With a few things this shelf might actually make a great addition to the house. The weather has been so off and on that I really started this project months ago, when it was still snowing and just now finished it. 
I let it sit on my front porch and attacked it with some gray paint I picked up for FREE at a local yard sale. Love sales especially ones where people give stuff away!! Anyway I scrapped off all the star stickers and coated it. I sealed it with some Poly spray. And let it sit to dry for weeks. At that time it was still snowing so the drying process took forever. 
We then nailed it to the wall and it sat there for a month.
Gradually we have been placing items on it. 
Today marked the finished product when we finally hung the picture frames above it complete with pictures in it. The frames had been sitting there for a month too but I didn't have any photos. After my great deals on FREE photos I have plenty now. If you are interested in reading more about the FREE photos click here.
It is now in it's happy home where it will stay even if we move!
 $2 for the shelf
Paint was free, used a brush I already had
Labor was free
Total cost: $2 & a great piece.
Have you ever refinished something? Repurposed an old dresser or shelf? I love taking things and revitalizing them into their former glory and saving money!!

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  1. I love when you can turn someone's trash into you treasure. Paint can be our best friend. Beautiful furniture and I love how you attach it to the wall...smart!!


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