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February 5, 2013

On the Fly Recipe

On the Fly:
You will need:
Peppers ( I used 3 multi colored)
1 roma tomato
1- McCormick seasoning packet
1-package of tortillas
Some meat ( I used Italian sausage we sliced open and chopped into hamburger consistency) But you can use chicken or hamburger up to you
Sour cream ( if you like it)
Vegetable or olive oil
Now the trick is to use a Non stick square griddle.
Place some oil onto the pan and let heat for a few seconds. I usually load the tortilla with all the fixings at this time. Gently turn the tortilla around with your spatula to keep it from burning on the bottom. Then once the tortilla starts to bubble fold it in half and press down. 
I usually serve immediately after they come off the pan. They are the best when they are hot! So if you are planning on making side have them ready to serve once these babies are done! Enjoy!

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