9 Ways to help you buy a Car

 I have been traveling a lot these past few years. Never once did I think I should trade in my current truck for a new vehicle. It is paid off but on the older, falling apart side. Buying a new vehicle is completely out of my comfort zone and I have learned so much during the process. Here are some great tips I have learned along the way I thought might be helpful to some of you!
1. Research is vital! Doing your research is a very important part of car shopping. Especially if you are a first-time buyer or have a lot of different cars you’re interested in, your research will help you the best car at the best price.
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2. Shop around. Just like in the grocery stores prices can fluctuate. Each dealership gives you something along with your purchase while others just give you a flat rate for the car. Remember there is always some wiggle room on prices! 
3. Once you have a base line price for the vehicle you are interested in research it! Researching is so important when purchasing a car so doing this several times can help get you not only the best price but best deal. I love checking out the Car reviews and specs here once I have an idea of the type of car I want.
 4. Check out the cars features. Getting into a car physically can help you determine which features are a NEED while other are more of a want. For instance you may want gas saving qualities or even a built in GPS.
 5. Test drive different types of vehicles. Personally, I prefer higher sitting vehicles verses the low riders most people my age drive. I have had a truck for so long I think it just grew on me. Because of this I steer clear of  those types of cars.
 6. Ask about Features! I learn so much about a car from the salesmen. If you get a good one that is! Just asking questions will help you nail down if THIS is the car for you or not!
7. Compare prices online as well as at dealers. Much like tip 3 mentioned above you should compare online as well. I also look up the pricing for different parts. Every car requires maintenance eventually better to know if the car parts will be inexpensive or not.
8. Check the tires, brakes and engine coolant. I have a limited education on cars but I do know several main things about them to keep them happy and running smoothly. Always chain the oil to help the engine, check your fluids and use proper tires (I live in a snowy tundra). When buying a car check all of these. Chances are they need replaced and you can work this into your deal!
9. My last tip might seem silly but absolutely positively vital! "sleep on it" as my Mom would say. She builds Hot robs from the ground up. She can tell you whats wrong with a vehicle just by listening to it and fix it herself. Whenever I am looking for a new vehicle this is her sound advice and she is so RIGHT! When I find a "great deal" I think I have to have I sleep on it. If I wake up the next day and I still feel that strongly I go through with it. If I have any doubt I listen to the intuition. Car buying can be a shady business so be smart, do your research and make sure you are protecting yourself!
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