Tuesday, February 7, 2017

10 Kitchen Cleaning tips

 Sink full of dirty dishes? Household chores piling up all around you? What do you do to make cleaning enjoyable? I do not know about you but cleaning is a chore and frankly that is how I feel about doing it. I love a clean house but a busy work/travel schedule and small child leave little time. Let alone the energy to enjoy the whole "cleaning process". If you can relate to any of that then these Kitchen Cleaning tips are for you! 
1. Purchase quality cleaning supplies. I love a good deal when I see one but scrimping on chemical filled cleaning agents hurt you in the long run. I have read so much research that I would prefer to help not only our environment but also try and recycle as much as I can. My son has to grow up in this environment I want it to be safe for him. Or personal favorites are Seventh Generation wipes, diapers, Method Hand and dish wash, Meyers candles and cleaning agents just to name a few.
2. Turn on music while you clean. I find music can really relax you and put you in a positive mood. I even have Cleaning Playlists to help me get "pumped" to clean. 
3. Work your way around the room. Before I had my son I would pick up something and put it away. From there I would do that same it that room. I realized it would cause so much more work because I would get distracted. Now, I start in one area of my kitchen and move my way around the room. As things get put away and I start to deep clean it the process takes less time and I feel more accomplished not so overwhelmed. 

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4. Replace your sponges regularly. I have tried so many methods of cleaning and sponges are still my go-to. Dampen a dirty sponge and microwave it on high for 60 seconds to kill bacteria. But once they look worn out, replace them!
5. Dedicate a specific amount of cleaning time and then set a timer. I use the stove timer for this. Work as fast as you can within this time and don’t let yourself get distracted. Having a cleaning playlist mentioned above also helps you stay focused.
6. Working from the top down, wipe down all cabinet doors, knobs, walls, back splash, light switches, counters, faucets etc. with your all purpose cleaner ( I prefer the SEVENTH GENERATION Glass & Surface Cleaner).
7. When I finish with washing the dishes ( no we do NOT have a dishwasher) I like using the Method renewing hand wash. Once I have cleaned the dishes I also clean around the sink. This prevents an buildup and excess water that may have splashed.
8. Clean appliances together. I start the microwave but spraying it with cleaner and letting it sit and same with the oven. This way both things are soaking up the cleaner and I can work in other areas. I usually tackle the refrigerator while they are "peculating".
9. Use bins in your pantry and refrigerator to cut down on spills. I invested in small bin containers to put our kid drinks in, my coffee creamer, jelly, yogurt etc. This helps with spilling and my fridge always look clean. If there is a spill it is contained in the bins. I just take it out and clean it out it out having to take all of my fridges con-taints out like before.
10. Do not stress about the among of work you may or may not have. I find having a positive outlook really helps make things not seem so overwhelming.

Phew!! You made it! Now it is time to relax and enjoy your beautiful clean kitchen until it is time to cook again!
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 Do you have any kitchen cleaning tips? 
I would LOVE to here about them in the comments!!

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