Monday, December 12, 2016

Wondering around the Chautauqua Institue

 Winter has officially fallen here in Western New York. About 41 inches of that white fluffy stuff to be exact! I live near the lake, lake effect snow is NO joke! Our driveway took about an hour to shovel, salt and dig out our vehicles. Because it gets so cold here we really need appropriate Winter attire. This year I have been sporting this Women's Pure Soft Jacket!
 As we enjoyed the community covered in snow I realized just how important my jacket would become! It's cold outside especially by the lake with gusts of snow and ice.

My soft jacket of wonderful is comfortable, and includes a removable hood. Shorter than a parka, but still extends below the waist for added warmth. Very lightweight yet still comfortable down to 10°F. Not to mention it also stops the wind which is such a HUGE help!
 While I do enjoy the winter wonderland snow creates, the temperatures leave much to be desired! Personally, I would rather enjoy temperatures around 50-65°F. Yet, the views are rather breathtaking and make Christmas so festive! 
Do you enjoy snowfall in your area?
How much snow do you typically get, let us know in the comments?
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  1. I love your coat!! The weather were you live is so beautiful!! Were I live we don't get any snow!! #fdflinkparty

  2. 41 inches Wowza!! I don't live where it snows. At first that was great - now I miss Chicago - sometimes. I do miss winter fashion. Today it was 80 and I wish we could get some cooler weather for a little bit. #fdflinkparty

  3. I spent four years living at West Point, NY and I remember those winter days with lots of snow. Back then I was in elementary school and had to walk to school in the snow, but the fashion was moon boots and snowpants because of course you didn't walk down the hills on the way to school, you sledded down them! Your style is definitely an improvement from that! Love the post and getting a little glimpse at life in Western New York. Thanks so much for posting this at the fandayfriday link party! #fdflinkparty