Monday, October 17, 2016

Let's throw an Adult Halloween Party

Are you ready for Halloween? It hands down is my favorite holiday to decorate and celebrate. I have always loved playing different characters and dressing up. Who does not enjoy a good costume party? We throw an annual party and it is such a hit I look forward to it almost as much as I enjoy Halloween itself because it is so much fun! This year like so many before we started planning and figuring out exactly we wanted from glass ware to activities.
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"Halloween parties tend to conjure up thoughts of screaming kids, tacky shop bought decorations and sticky food packed full of sugar. Festive Lights have been hard at work creating Halloween party packs to make you rethink those old fashioned notions".

I love the entire website layout and they have so many great Halloween Party ideas that it takes little to know prep and planning! Now, I can focus on fun things like what costume I will wear and what adult beverages do we want to serve??
Did I mention they have that taken care of as well? "A Halloween gathering just wouldn’t be any fun without a few games to get the party started. Use the cocktails you created earlier for a horror movie drinking game, get your pumpkin carving on with our templates, or get traditional with a bit of apple bobbing". 
If you are ready to enjoy some scary fun with your friends check out their website and get your Spook on! 

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  1. I love Halloween! It's also my best friends favorite holiday as well. Her mom goes all out with a party every year. It's amazing what that woman could do.