Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Annual Christmas Cookie Party

This weekend we had our annual Christmas Cookie Party. If you want to see more of our party check out my video here. So in true blogger fashion I thought I would share it with you. I set up our dining room table with my 302 cookie cutters I have collected over the years. Some flour dishes, organic gluten free cookies, snacks and juice boxes. I have to say these treats were amazing! I just loved the taste of them and so did all of the adults and kiddos. 
I made cookie dough ahead of time. That way when the kids arrive we could just whip it out, roll it and everything was ready for cut-outs. Nothing is more fun then cutting out cookies with little ones. If you start doing this when they are young then they will remember it every year, what memories. 
I bought most of these cutters at our local Kitchen Store in our Mall. They had a big package of them on clearance one year and I picked it up. This was before I had Mac and I thought one day I will use 120 cookie cutters. Sure enough eight years later we have a Christmas party every year. 
Then the fun begins. Bake cookies and DECORATE!
What is not to love about frosting and sprinkles??
I colored the frosting with food coloring for an added touch. 
Of course I had to hold the smallest attendee to let his Mom decorate cookies too. I just love getting all together and having fun parties!
I think we will be adding more parties to our menu then just holiday ones. 
These were our final products. More then four dozen cookies. Each person went home with a plate full and we still have some left over. I guess my neighbors will be getting Christmas gifts early :O) Does anyone else do Christmas Parties every year??

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