Friday, February 17, 2017

Guide to Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

The first trip to the Las Vegas area, was without my son and more work related. Back then, we spent our time on the Vegas strip and in convention rooms. This trip I had my whole family along and we had more free time to explore. If I could give you some great advice take the 17 mile-ish drive to Red Rock Canyon (that was the distance from our hotel)! I wanted to visit it on our first trip and just did not have the time. 
Once we landed at the airport, we got our Mazda CX-3 rental. It housed all our luggage without any issue. We were super excited to explore and set off after a quick stop at the hotel. I simply typed in "Red Rock Canyon" into the GPS point of interest feature and it immediately had the route we needed to take. 
As we started to get closer I saw this rock and HAD to stop for a photo. We do not live by mountains and seeing them up close is so surreal! I wish I could explain how the views make me feel but words escape me. I can say I would take them over a beach any day. Something about them are simply majestic and make me giddy inside!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Planning ahead for College

 Seems like just yesterday, I was telling my Mom, this was finally it. I was going to have a baby and she would be a grandmother for the first time. I remember her holding my hand and helping me through a rough labor. Just a minute later we were picking out my son's first school backpack and his first day of school outfit. He was ready to go to school although I was a bit concerned. He tested ahead for his age and I remember thinking he was a year younger than most of his classmates. Would he fit in? 
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A second later it seemed, my son entered second grade and already started to plan for his future. What job he wanted as a grown up. A grown up? Where have the years gone? They say as you get older they slip by you but lightening speed just pails in comparison once you start actually living them. Now, is the best time to think ahead for his future. I have always been a very savvy person when it comes to fiances. I wanted to have a nest egg, a "rainy day fund" because in these economic downfalls it is smart business to do so. I am after all not just in-charge of myself but also the little soon-to-be twenty something year old going off to college, second grader! Let's talk College savings plans specifically a 529 College Saving Plan we are setting up for our son.

Monday, February 13, 2017

15 Shows to get you through Winter

 Aside from the dumping of snowfall this Winter, sickness has plagued us. Sickness has taken a very energetic  boy into a couch potato who barely stays away for more then a few hours before drifting off. Usually around this time we are experiencing cabin fever or temperatures that do not allow us to go outside. If any of these things are happening to you here are 15 movies/shows on Netflix to get you through Winter!
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1. NCIS- I has been watching re-runs because I just miss Ziva and Anthony's characters!
2. Santa Clarita Diet- So many people have watched this and LOVE it. I am one of them. A great mix of comedy, TV drama and Zombies. If you have a weak stomach not the show for you!
3. The Crown- I seriously binge watched this series! I love this type of historical drama.
4. Reign 💃😍👌
5. Shameless- is awesomely inappropriate, with social commentary about gentrification weaved through the hilarious story lines.

Friday, February 10, 2017

10 Books for Boys Age 4-7

At a very young age you could find me snuggled up somewhere immersed in the dusty pages of some book reading. Being a parent I wanted to pass down that love of reading to my son. Interestingly enough not many parents actually sit down and read to their children anymore. If you do, THANK YOU! Even if you DO read to your child the selection of books can be a bit overwhelming. Here are some great books for boys I found that work wonders in the imagination realm and I believe truly gave my son the love of reading bug.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

10 Kitchen Cleaning tips

 Sink full of dirty dishes? Household chores piling up all around you? What do you do to make cleaning enjoyable? I do not know about you but cleaning is a chore and frankly that is how I feel about doing it. I love a clean house but a busy work/travel schedule and small child leave little time. Let alone the energy to enjoy the whole "cleaning process". If you can relate to any of that then these Kitchen Cleaning tips are for you! 
1. Purchase quality cleaning supplies. I love a good deal when I see one but scrimping on chemical filled cleaning agents hurt you in the long run. I have read so much research that I would prefer to help not only our environment but also try and recycle as much as I can. My son has to grow up in this environment I want it to be safe for him. Or personal favorites are Seventh Generation wipes, diapers, Method Hand and dish wash, Meyers candles and cleaning agents just to name a few.
2. Turn on music while you clean. I find music can really relax you and put you in a positive mood. I even have Cleaning Playlists to help me get "pumped" to clean. 
3. Work your way around the room. Before I had my son I would pick up something and put it away. From there I would do that same it that room. I realized it would cause so much more work because I would get distracted. Now, I start in one area of my kitchen and move my way around the room. As things get put away and I start to deep clean it the process takes less time and I feel more accomplished not so overwhelmed.